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Ready for Global Use

One Page Checkout for Virtuemart (both versions) is using your Virtuemart's language files and thus it works on all languages. OPC2 fully supports multilanguage Joomla and also adds many new features to multi language ecommerce. OPC1 supports Joomfish. Here we would like to advise our customers on proper configuration of Virtuemart and One Page Checkout for various international uses such as United States tax mode (per state), European tax mode and Zero decimals rounding for Swedish and Hungarian


Important note for Virtuemart 2.0.x up to 2.0.22

Due to a bug found in Virtuemart 2.0.22 and it's previous versions we strongly recommend not to use "Use default tax rate" at the shipping and payment plugins. Please set a specific Tax per configuration of each shipping and payment plugins or set the tax rules to "apply no rule". Hopefully a fix will be implemented in the future versions of virtuemart which we published here

American Tax Settings for Virtuemart 2

(also for Canada, Australia - tax based on shipping address)

Please see our forum link here for latest settings and discussion. 

This is a standard configuration of Virtuemart 2.0.x calculation plugin for tax system based on shipping address. Remember that One Page Checkout counts taxes according to the default country set in backend configuration and it's ZIP code. In OPC2 the state is ignored and not set for the default address. In OPC1 if you don't want to calculate taxes for your US customers, you'll need to enable checkbox at the tax tab: "[US] Don't choose vendor's state as default state when no state is selected: will not count taxes on first load of checkout" - pls use this OPC options up to VM2.0.14. 

Virtuemart 2 Tax based on Shipping Address

One Page Checkout 2 backend configuration. You may try to experiment with the coupon price type depending on your further VirtueMart configuration. The checkbox "Never count taxes for vendor's state IN WHOLE ESHOP untill the same state is selected by a customer. You may want to use the base price below without tax for the checkout view." tries to fix the default state problem on flypage and browsepage which shows the sales price including tax when no state is set within the cart information. This is done with inserting an improper state value into the session cart which fixes the problem, but may also cause a php notice. You may disable this option if the taxes on your flypage and browsepage are counted correctly within tax based on shipping address. This option does not hack Virtuemart, but rather inserts the information with OPC plugin.

OPC Config for US use

European Settings for Virtuemart 2

(the below settings will count tax for all cobinations of address, if you ship outside EU, you can select only European countries so the tax is not calculated for other countries).

Tax for all countries

One Page checkout backend configuration for European use when using Sales tax including Tax as the default option for your products. If you are doing wholesale you might want to show the basePrice in the cart which is without tax. We will further optimize these settings depending on various configurations of prices in your shop. 


Swedish and Hungarian price settings for Virtuemart 2 (No decimals)

The tax settings should be as above with a difference of currency and decimal configuration. The VM 2.0.6 still does not support two types of rounding and price displays with no decimals for one currency and with decimals for another. Please proceed to the currency settings in Configuration -> Currencies and select your currency. Please mention the number of decimals option.

swedish rounding

You'll also need to set up your general price display. Please use -1 for decimals to get set within the currency configuration.


Shopper group per Joomla Language and Shopper group per Geo IP Country

OPC2 now adds a system wide option to alter your default shopper group for your unlogged customers per their Joomla language or their detected Geo IP Country if the RuposTel Geo Locator is installed. 

geo shopper groups

Here you can alter the default shopper group per Joomla Language OR per detected IP address country. 

Default Shipping per Country

One of the main features of OPC is to display shipping before your customer needs to enter and save their personal data. OPC will display the shiping at the first load either per default address configured within OPC (country and zip) or per detected Geo IP country.  You may also market your site with this feature - we do not require your personnal information before we show you how much you will pay. 

default country

The default country can be set per

- one configuration option (default for all with the lowest priority) -> Germany in the example above

- country per Joomla language (en-GB for United Kingdom and sk-SK for Slovakia) in the example above

- with GeoLocator with the highest priority the default country will be set to the one detected with Geo Locator (IP to country resolution)

- the default zip will be used for all situations

Thus you can alter the first load of the shipping methods regarless it's an API method (UPS, USPS, ACS...) or any simple VM inbuilt method. 




-4 #1 Bob Meetin 2012-11-21 19:03
You talk about American Tax Settings for Virtuemart 2, but in configuring a shop for use in a U.S. state (California, Colorado, Washington, etc) where there is both a base state tax plus local taxes per zip code, there is no obvious method within VM2 to set up taxes for the corresponding zip codes. With older VM there at least was a hack available.

Any ideas?
0 #2 2012-12-17 20:17
You can create multiple tax rules in VM2. Try that and load them on a product basis.
+7 #3 admin 2013-07-18 13:20
We are develping our own tax per zip plugin and we provide full support for it. Now you can together with our plugin have speicifc tax rates per zip.

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