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Sales Tax Based on a ZIP Code Plugin


How to Install and Configure

0. IMPORTANT: Disable avalara plugin (or other calculation plugins) - up to latest VM, using more than one calculation plugin is not supported within VM core
1.install with joomla installer
2. enable within joomla plugins
3. in virtuemart's taxes and calculation add a new calculation
4. set a tax type as you need (Type of Arithmetic Operation) - tax per bill for example
5. set the value (6 in the example) to a default tax rate (10 for ten percent) when the zip is not found below
6. filter country and state to california, or your desired country and state
7. configure the bottom section
8. click save/apply 
Let US know if it works well for you. The plugin can be downloaded by an OPC subscriber from our main download section here.  The plugin does not require OPC to be installed and it is fully licensed under GPL2. 

Unified subscription

This extension can be purchased with our unified Subscription of RuposTel One Page Checkout


How to download and install

1. After purchase visit our Download section

2. Download One Page Checkout installer for Virtuemart 3

3. Install with Joomla installer (note: One Page Checkout itself is disabled by default)

4. At OPC Extensions tab click Install/Upgrade your purchased extension

5. Ask for support via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if needed

This plugin is actively developed on Virtuemart 3 including latest version and the support is provided on request via email, live chat or skype. 


Plugin now loads rates from a published public Google spreadsheet at Google Docs and supports these types of formats for the input: 


Georgia data example:
Florida data example:
California data example:


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