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Virtuemart Payment Methods

eWay Direct Payment plugin for Virtuemart

For our friends in Australia we wrote eWay Direct Payment plugin by for Virtuemart that runs on Virtumart 2 or Virtuemart 3.  When the plugin is run with our OPC it does not store credit card information at the session, compared to other solutions, and thus it adds the security to the solution. The credit card display can be fully styled with template overrides. The plugin installs from OPC Extensions tab at OPC backend. 

Last Updated on Thursday, 08 June 2017 12:15

Swedish Certitrade Payment Plugin for Virtuemart

Dear friends, 

 we've updated 1solution VM1.1.x plugin for Certitrade card processor plugin which does not require any sort of core virtuemart modifications and fixes any bugs found in the original 1solution plugin. This plugin works well with and without One Page Checkout for Virtuemart. 

Last Updated on Thursday, 08 June 2017 12:16
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