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VmCache plugin for Virtuemart Pro

We wrote a Joomla and Virtuemart cache plugin which works similarly to "system - page cache" plugin but supports Virtuemart caching as well. Default core page cache plugin cannot recognize if Virtuemart cart is empty or not and thus our cache plugin gets automatically disabled when there is any content at your customer's cart. The plugin furthermore supports device type detection in case your template renders different output for mobile devices or desktop devices. Compared to any other page cache solution, our system uses 2 plugins, one which loads the cache on the very first event in Joomla and the other one stores the cache as the very last event in Joomla. It further more supports (if available) advanced functions of latest php versions which can write the cache files after the connection was closed and thus it does not slow down the page load of a non cached page. For this reason the cache is usually available only on 3rd page refresh. The plugin is now distributed within OPC bundle or you can purchase a separate support time with or our advanced support link. 

Unified subscription

This extension can be purchased with our unified Subscription of RuposTel One Page Checkout


How to download and install

1. After purchase visit our Download section

2. Download One Page Checkout installer for Virtuemart 3

3. Install with Joomla installer (note: One Page Checkout itself is disabled by default)

4. At OPC Extensions tab click Install/Upgrade your purchased extension

5. Ask for support via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if needed

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