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Virtuemart Order and Invoice Numbering System

You don't like the Virtuemart default numbering mechanism? Try OPC Numbering Plugin which is part of OPC Installation. OPC now fully supports a standalone Numbering system where you can manage how the Order and Invoice numbers will look like. 


Features supported: 

  • you can manage the format for the number where you can set any date related input or a specific characters to be entered
  • you can use the same number for the Virtuemart generated PDF inoice and Order number
  • each number usually consists of a custom prefix (such as II for Issued Invoice) date character (year for example, YY) and autoincrement value (Example of such configuration: {II}YYnnnnnnn which will lead to II15000001 for the first invoice in 2015).
  • autoincrement value can be resetted (per configuration) each day/week/year as you'd need


To enable usage of OPC numbering, use OPC configuration at "After Checkout" tab to set the number: 

opc config


To configure the OPC Numbering formats, use this section of OPC Numbering config: 

opc numbering config


To share the same number among the invoice and the order, just make sure that in OPC config you chose the same "Agenda" for both Invoice and Order, for example "Order Number" 



Let us know on the forum if we can help you make this feature even better for you. 




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