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Design Customizations

Onepage Checkout Component from RuposTel uses own template files where the order of checkout sections can be easily set up. By default they use your standard Virtuemart themes, but you can override any CSS style in the configurator and add it to Onepage CSS file. It also has inbuilt basket which will do the same as your basket.b2c and basket.b2b, but will show shipping and payment fees optionally. For future updates we plan to create more inbuilt templates with muti column design and much more.

This is a screenshot of design modification at Design was done byt the shop owner himself.

Important notes to designers

Please don't remove any part of the templates which include tags with an id such as <div id="xyz" ... > as it can cause javascript malfunction which rely on these ids. If you'd like to hide such a section, please do so with <display style="display: none;">  ... section to hide ... </div> 

The OPC1 uses the following template structure: 


and OPC2 uses this directory: 


For both versions further structure is as follows starting from the above directory: 

/onepage.unlogged.tpl.php (main template wrapper for each section of the checkout incl. basket and other visible parts such as BT address, ST address, TOS, registration, etc...)

/onepage.logged.tpl.php (the same as above but for logged in users)

/include.php (here you can add another javascript or css inclusion if necessary by the theme)

/onepage.css (the main CSS file of the selected theme)

/empty_cart.tpl.php (ONLY IN OPC2: a template for empty cart)

/shipping_methods.tpl.php (ONLY IN OPC1, OPC2 - moved to overrides directory)

/overrides/ a directory to override each section of the checkout. If a particular file is not avaiable, your standard Virtuemart1 theme is used.  In OPC2 for Virtuemart 2 all the files are required. 

/overrides/basket.html.php - this file is a combination of b2c and b2b styled basket which shows each section with javascript driven logic and values. The original basket in OPC1 can be shown when not using "use inbuilt basket" feature. In OPC2 this basket is always used. Please don't remove any tags with an id from this basket as javascript relyes on it. 

/overrides/couponField.tpl.php - can be used to style the coupon section per theme

/overrides/customer_info.tpl.php - this section shows Bill To address of logged in customer. In OPC1 only some of the fields are shown and in OPC2 all the avaiable fields are shown. 

\overrides\get_payment_method_paypal_ex.tpl.php  - only in OPC1 to override and style paypal new api portions of code

\overrides\get_shipping_address.tpl.php - shows a list of shipping addresses for logged in users with bottom edit link, each address is shown by: 

\overrides\list_shipto_addresses.tpl.php  - shows a list of shipping addresses. It is important to set a proper id of each input according to already created themes. 

\overrides\list_user_fields.tpl.php  - lists registration AND Bill To fields for unlogged users  (in OPC1 this override needs to be enabled within the backend configuration)

\overrides\list_user_fields_shipping.tpl.php  - lists ship to address fields for unlogged users (in OPC1 this override needs to be enabled within the backend configuration)

\overrides\onepage.cfg.php - templates checks if there is a conflict of parameters at display tab and changes them appropriately. This file overrides OPC backend configuration by  the needed changes such as the above user fields override. 

\overrides\paypal_express.tpl.php  - only in OPC1 lists the paypal new api payment method with fixed html validity

\overrides\shipping_methods.tpl.php - only in OPC2 - being tested (May 2012)



It is strongly recommended to rename your theme directory from something like 

[OPC2] \components\com_onepage\themes\threecolumn_special_blue

[OPC1] \components\com_virtuemart\themes\default\template\onepage\threecolumn_special_blue

to a new name like: 

[OPC2] \components\com_onepage\themes\threecolumn_special_blue_custom

[OPC1] \components\com_virtuemart\themes\default\template\onepage\threecolumn_special_blue_custom

if you do any changes to the theme. You can then select the changed name at the display tab and update OPC anytime you'd like to have the latest features ready for you. 

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