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CoolRunner Shipping Method for Virtumeart

We had created a CoolRunner drop-point shipping method for Virtuemart which supports shipments with DAO, PDK and GLS. You can use any Virtuemart plugin to calculate your shipment costs and our CoolRunner solution will display links to select an address, or it will preselect the default closest droppoint for the configured methods. The plugin is distributed with One Page Checkout bundle and can be installed from OPC Extension tab within the backend. 


cool runner for virtuemart

coolrunner dk virtuemart


Quick installation guide: 

- install from OPC Extensions tab (mod_coolrunner, rupostel_coolrunner, opc_template_positions - optional)

- enable rupostel_coolrunner shipment plugin in Joomla manager, IMPORTANT: do not add it to Virtuemart plugins, this step is not required

- configure you normal shipment methods - you can use any shipment methods such as rules shipping or weight countries or our range shipping - any shipment method using standard html code is supported

- write down the IDs of the virtuemart shipment methods for which you would like to associate the droppoint links and types (GLS, DAO, PDK)

- proceed to a module configuration in Joomla and add a new module coolrunner

- the configuration of this module is the most important part of the installation: 

- MODULE POSITION: if you installed opc_template_positions you can choose opc_captcha_under position or any other position that renders as one of the latest. You can use also your own template positions, but it will make the module render at every page which may not be effective. The module does not show any html, it only triggers javascripts. It is important that it renders at one of the footer positions so that the popup (overlay) html is alwyas shown above rest of the html. 

- VIRTUEMART SHIPMENT METHOD IDS: at the Advanced tab of the module configuration assign the IDs of the Virtumart shipment methods to which you would like to associate the Link "choose a droppoint" and the displayed address: 

coolrunner module config


and this is where we got the IDs 20, 21, 22 at the right column: 

virtuemart shipment id


If you still cannot see the link at your checkout you may want to try to publish the module at standard footer positions that you can be sure that gets displayed. If you are using a non-standard shipping method we may need to create a small customization to get it shown properly at your checkout. 



Unified subscription

This extension can be purchased with our unified Subscription of RuposTel One Page Checkout


How to download and install

1. After purchase visit our Download section

2. Download One Page Checkout installer for Virtuemart 3

3. Install with Joomla installer (note: One Page Checkout itself is disabled by default)

4. At OPC Extensions tab click Install/Upgrade your purchased extension

5. Ask for support via email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if needed


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