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Load Product at Joomla Article Plugin

We had created a simple plugin which loads Product module (mod_virtuemart_product) or our (mod_virtuemart_product_multi) at your Joomla Article page. Many of our customers are not using Virtuemart's product details page at all and they prefer to stay with their original content and URLs created while migrating from old Joomla versions. 


The plugin adds a new tab to every article configuration in your Joomla, where you can associate the Article with an individual Product: 

product at joomla article


When used with our mod_virtuemart_product_multi (which displays the currency selector as well), at the left side it's a Joomla article and at the right side it's the mod_virtuemart_product_multi

product in article


With a small customizatio of the add-to-cart form all product links referenced from our checkout solution will always reference the page where the product was added to the cart. 




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