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Google Ecommerce Order Tracking for Virtuemart

This component can send data to Google with your installed analytics account and you will be able to track customers by each order.Please note, that you have to have Ecommerce tracking enabled in your Analytics account and analytics properly installed.

UPDATE: November 2013 - Pls see new Tracking description here

UPDATE: June 2014 - We added support for Univesal Analytics Tracking (analytics.js) and event tracking within checkout (purchase).  

Please see video on how to enable OPC Tracking features.

You'll also need to enable e-commerce reporting for your website's profile:

  • From the Analytics Settings page, click Edit next to the profile you would like to enable.
  • Click Edit from the Main Website Profile Information box
  • Change the E-commerce Website radio button from No to Yes.

Example of Analtycs View (edited):

Note: Since July 2012 our component uses only non-asynchronious calls to Google Ecommerce even when your code is set up to use async code. The reason is that the async code did not fully execute in 70 percent of cases. The feature is available for both OPC1 & OPC2. 


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