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One Page Checkout for Virtuemart

One Page Checkout for Virtuemart

One Page Checkout for VirtueMart and OPC Extensions. Purchase 12 month download subscription for feature and compatibility updates, and a bundle of all of our extensions. Subscription includes support for One Page Checkout version for all Virtuemart


Approx: USD $86.03
Tax Status: We are based in European Union and and since 1.1.2019 private person purchases on our site are not subject for VAT. Business purchases are subject for VAT reverse charge.

Product: One Page Checkout for Virtuemart

This is true one page checkout for VirtueMart. This is a MUST HAVE for VirtueMart. We believe this component makes VirtueMart a powerfull ecommerce solution and provides extended and needed functionality into the checkout process. As far as our customers say, it really raises your sales. For further information, please search for "one page checkout customer experience" on your favorite search engine.

It has been tested and implemented on thousands of webpages and different countries (Netherlands, Germany, USA, Italy, Spain, UK, Sweden and many others) and is compatible with any known shipping method including UPS, USPS, FedEx, Standard Shipping, Shipping by Rules or any from or 3rd party sites.

Demo sites

For all the features please have a look at our demo sites here and feel free to make a test order.

One Subscription for all Extensions

We had decided to provide all of our VM2 and VM3 extensions under a single installer (com_onepage) within your OPC subscription. Once you purchase OPC subscription you will be able to install these extensions from OPC Extension tab. Download One Page Checkout installer from our download section, install it with Joomla and use the OPC Extension tab to install these extensions:

Ajax Search Pro

Installs as com_rupsearch and mod_virtuemart_ajax_search_pro. Since version 303 supports cusomized priority logic (you can decide which results are more relevant for you per seach in SKU, Product name, Description or a few others). The goal of our "Ajax Search Pro" is to provide the best possible search results for your shop. 

VM Cache Pro

Page cache plugin for Virtuemart 3 that supports page cache per detected mobile device or Joomla language with a support for anonymous shopper groups set by OPC, installs with vm_cache and vm_cache_last plugins (requires 2 plugins to be run properly). 

VM Mail Chimp registration Plugin

Adds checkbox to checkout, Joomla registration and registrates the user directly at mailchimp. (our OPC is not required for this plugin to work)

Shipping Methods Included in OPC Subscription: (for VM3) (for VM3)

Range shipping for VM3 (supports also per currency filter)

Payment Methods 

Centitrade (for VM2) Eway (for VM2) 

Tax Plugins

Tax per ZIP for VM2 and VM3 (made for United States shop owners) 

Order and Invoice Numbering 

You can now alter Order numbering in VM or Invoice numbering via OPC backend configuration. All time and date formats are supported. This plugin uses sophisticated logic to calculate Auto Increment values per your desired time periods. 



One Page Checkout for Virtuemart is not encrypted and allows you to modify the source. You are not allowed to sell or distribute it online in bulk as an installer. All javascript files and php files are not encrypted anyhow and we provide API assistance to your developers upon request or via forum posts. 

This component uses parts of source code from VirtueMart and is licenced under GNU/GPL license. For full license details please review this link (GPL).  There is no limitation on per domain use, however we will appreciate in matter of extended support if you made more then one purchase. 

You pay for download subscription that is not automatically renewable and you can download our software during the subscription period from our download section.


Subscription allows you the access to our dowload section for one year from the date of purchase, you will NOT get charged automatically after the end of your subscription. You must be logged in to our site to be able to use the download links. We release updates (feature updates, bug fixes, compatiblity fixes) every 2 weeks usually. You do not need to update our OPC that often, but it is strongly recommended to update once you do a general Virtuemart update since we never know what gets changed in future Virtuemart versions. 

Purchase options

All licences include one year updates (access to download section) for One Page checkout and our Extensions provided via single installer. You must be logged in to be able to download the latest version. You can use either email or your username to log in to our site. 

- Basic support:

  • Included in price:  One year subscription for OPC1 and OPC2 including support of max one hour of programming work. Email support, chat is also provided with no additional costs.
  • Not included in the price: Installation, design modifications. Setting up virtuemart, configuring external components.

- Advanced support

  • Included in the price:Template modifications, VM hacks merge and anything you would like to have on the checkout page to make our component better and you to sell more for up to 4 hours of programing work. Please write us more information via request form about needed modifications. For any design changes, please send us your image before purchase to quote a price for the implementation.

You may use both options for any number of domains, but you receive programming support just for one domain. There are no licence obstacles included in the component at the moment (Nov. 2013)


One Page Checkout was already implemented on many Joomla 3.x and Joomla 2.5.x sites. (running VM3 or VM2)   Minimum version of php supported are the same as Joomla and Virtuemart minimum versions. We provide 3rd party compatibility support for no additional costs especially for payment or shipping methods. 

One Page Checkout 1 on Virtuemart 1.1.x is still supported but with long delayes on support responses - it may take up to 1 week to fix your issue on Virtuemart 1. 


We try to do our best in providing support in implementing our solution to your site. Refunds can be provided up to 14 days from the purchase. We usually require FTP access to fix small issues found on your site.  If you would like to try our solution before purchase, please write us an email to

Core Changes

OPC automatically fixes a few known fatal errors found in the old versions of Virtuemart which were reported by our team, OPC also checks for DB structure known problems so it fixes common problems that usually come from various migration applications. The checkout loads via plugin loader which makes sure that it's loaded only where it's needed. Our goal is to provide a solution compatible with ALL versions of Virtuemart instead of just the very latest. 


atrus80  (Friday, 21 January 2011)
Rating: 5
This is by far the best one page checkout module for virtuemart! Installation is easy and fast; support by Stan is fantastic, two thumbs up! Keep
improving this excellent module pls!!

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