Error with AWOCOUPON and One Page

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Error with AWOCOUPON and One Page

Postby » Thu Apr 07, 2022 12:38 pm

Hello everyone!

After attempt to install plugin for automated shipping cost evaluation from third-part developer,
the error had occured.

- Error is appear in checkout screeen only for logged on users.
- Rough translation of error text is: "No record, not published or expired."
- This error message posted by OnePage Checkout component, I found it in onepage.js
- Text of this messege is taken from COM_AWOCOUPON_CFG_COUPERR_NO_RECORD field.
- If the correct coupon is applied, error has not occured.

In firefox dev tools it's look like:

msgs: Object { e666c03956c7d8aaba786bdc88d7da51: "ERROR TEXT HERE", length: 1}

JSONs objects whtich contains the error, have a cmd:get_shipping and cmd:runpay

As i understand it, Onepage chechout is looking for record/field/etc. in SQL tables.
How can I find what record is missing?

Or may be I'm wrong and the source of error in anything else?

I don't have automatic coupon setup. But for every newly registered user i automatically assign coupon with 5% discount.
I'm using Onepage checkout 2.0.387.040719, AwoCoupon and Joomla 3.9.14
I'm afraid to upgrade, because site have a lot (300+) third-paty scripts and mods.
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