Problem with credit card payments

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Problem with credit card payments

Postby konstantinos » Wed Feb 06, 2019 12:22 pm

We are having failed payment issues in the past few days (which roughly coincides with our upgrade of OPC from v 2.0.36x to 2.0.374).

Customers CAN select credit card as a payment method.
Then they are successfully redirected to the secure bank payment page (which is outside our domain).
Many of the payments fail at that point, citing a payment verification error with the credit card given.

We are wondering if it can be related to OPC in any way.

Our VM version is 3.2.15 (we haven't updated to 3.4 yet because we use a commercial template, and it will take some time to do the update)

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Re: Problem with credit card payments

Postby admin » Mon Mar 04, 2019 1:03 pm

hello, pls enable debug in your payment method, which should create log files in your joomla's log directory and furthermore please contact your bank about any detailed information in this matter.

to rule out our opc you may want to try the process with opc disabled, or just with some of the opc's plugins disabled (especially tracking + invoicing + numbering )

once you proceed with the payment you may copy the URL where you land at your site which is usually the notification URL per the payment method.

let us know if you found any further info in this matter, i do not think opc can influence 3rd party payment processing directly.

best regards, stan
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