Recommended US settings for Virtumeart

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Recommended US settings for Virtumeart

Postby admin » Mon Dec 02, 2013 7:49 pm

Hello, these printscreens show recommended VM settings for tax set up in Virtuemart:
1. All your products should have configuration similar to this:

The most important is:
- use default rules
- use generic rules
- and available to all (shopper groups)

Your tax settings:
- you may try to use other types of taxes here (especially per product tax for US) - do not use VAT tax when you are outside EU as discounts will get miscalculated
- you should delete all unused rules that came with virtuemart default installation

OPC configuration for US:
- the US checkbox was used in older versions of VM. if your VM calculates tax outside the cart page, you may want to enable this and ignore errors like state "00" was not found.

within Virtuemart it's recommended to disable "automatic shipment and automatic payment" if you are using plugin similar to UPS, USPS, Fedex:
- these options are hidden under "one page checkout" feature of VM (which is not an OPC solution and is misleading)

A normal US settings for price display in Virtuemart:

after all you should see your tax rate appear:

right after the customer leaves the state field:

Let us know your thoughts or comments here.
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