K2 User Registration for OPC and Joomla registration Issue

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K2 User Registration for OPC and Joomla registration Issue

Postby alletom79@.....com » Mon Nov 16, 2015 2:34 pm

Hi Stan, I hope you are well.
On our e-commerce based on K2 - Virtuemart & K2 Mart, we have in use your plugin User - K2 Ext because we want to make able to comment just the registered users. In the K2 Parameters Advanced setting we have set °Registered° as the default Group for the new users, but the new users are not automatically added to this group even if we try to use the K2 registration form, also the feature in the K2 user Administration to move the user to K2 via batch mode, is not working. The only way we have to add them to the K2 Registered user group is do it manually by open each user and set it to the registered group.

After many hours expended online to find a solution, we realized that is a very common problem for a lot of Admins. Do you have any tip to fix this it?

Best Regards
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Re: K2 User Registration for OPC and Joomla registration Issue

Postby admin » Tue Nov 24, 2015 2:25 pm

hello Alessandro, probably 2 years ago i had to modify the "k2 - user" plugin to make it fully compatible with vm or opc. the installer is included in OPC and you may want to try to install it from opc extension tab (this is a quite older version, so if you get problems, let me know and i may need to adjust your own plugin).

if the modified plugin does not work for you well, pls send us the latest version by email and i can check for it's compatiblity (so it syncs properly).

best regards, stan
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