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Registration Options - Guest Shopping Supported and Duplicit email feature

This component supports any type of Virtuemart or Joomla registration. We recommend to use silent registration with activated joomla registration and no activation necessary for new accounts. One page checkout component will also work with disabled Joomla registration. We managed to be able to register users even if they are already registered with their own email, therefore they don't need to ask for a password if they don't know it or don't remember it, but just create an order. Shoppers with duplicit email will be automatically unlogged after purchase.

Note for Virtuemart 1.1.x: "No activation" is necessary to be disabled in Joomla configuration if you have registration in Virtuemart enabled - these are the only conflicting settings which will lead to checkot malfunction.

OPC2 supports these registration options: 

- username as email where there is no username field within the checkout registration and the email is used automatically instead of the username. We also recommend you to use our "email or username authentication plugin" available for free here. 

- disable display name field within VM2 checkout 

- default Virtuemart and Joomla's registration types per VM2 configuration options (On checkout, ask for registration) and (Only registered users can checkout) which lead to these four registration options

- default registration where all username, password1 and password 2 are visible

- optional (or GUEST) registration where there is an checkbox to create an account or not. The username, password,1 password2 will get shown once the create account is clicked (in OPC you may change the default state of the checkbox with OPC backend configuration). Some OPC themes support registration over a specific tab (business/visitor tabs) if the register account is enabled only per one of the tabs. 

Optional/Guest registration


- no registration - the user will not get registered with joomla, his data are only saved within Virtuemart tables for order and payment processing, the user will not receive password and thus next time he has to checkout as unlogged

- silent registration - only username (or only email) is visible within the registration shopper fields and the password is automatically generated during the checkout

OPC2 supports Joomla activation as well where user will get registered after checkout, but with a special state of "blocked" user and he (or the administrator) needs to unblock his account. 

- duplicit email feature that is used especially once "email as username" is used enables your shoppers to shop with already registered email address without giving any error to the user. If the user uses the same password as already registered, then the registraton form will be used as it was a login form. 

- check username (and or) email over ajax will display a message to your customer that the username (and or) email is already registered

username exists

All registration options: 

registration options


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