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One Page Checkout for Virtuemart Feature List and Comparison

Since Virtuemart 2.0.20 there is a new One Page Checkout feature included in the core Virtuemart. We decided to compare the inbuilt One Page Checkout soluton with our own extension. The main difference is that Virtuemart's core solution is NOT a One Page Checkout because it requires the customers to visit another page to enter address and return back. Our solution tries to make the process of the checkout much more simple with a minimum amount of clicks needed, no additional pages need to be displayed and all data, methods and taxes are automatically calculated during the filling of the address. 


  RuposTel OPC   Virtuemart
inbuilt OPC
3rd Party
OPC solutions 

General Features

Requires just one click for whole checkout process  yes  no question
Loads all javascripts in a non-blocking way   yes  no question
Loads API shipping methods (UPS, USPS, Fedex, ACS) in a non-blocking way which is error prone and does not cause a blank screen on timeout or remote server problem   yes  no question
Can be disabled for Mobiles only (even though all OPC2 themes are reponsive you may want to disable OPC for mobiles or tablets) yes no question
Has five inbuilt checkout themes  yes no yes
Supports country specific (i.e. German, Italian) layout and feature requirements yes question question
Uses Virtuemart language files so no frontend translation is usually needed yes yes question

Shopper Fields Features

Does not require registration (or saving of personnal data into the database before seeing actual total) yes no question
Supports handling personal data (like social security number) outside database and it is still available to payment plugins (such as Klarna in Norway) yes no no
Supports own checkout custom fields even when user is logged in (such as invoice pairing symbol in Netherlands) yes no no

Fields can be separated into two groups:
Business or Visitor, or Normal registration and Guest registration 

yes no no
Shipping fields are not obligatory by default (they can be configured separatedly in OPC) yes no no
Agreement checkbox can be disabled or enabled, checked or unchecked per configuration  yes no no
Supports additional agreement checkbox for Italian sites yes no no
Supports auto address filling for Klarna in Sweden yes question no


Has inbuilt Google Analytics Ecommerce tracking support yes no question
Has inbuilt Google Adwords, support  yes




Shippnig Address related

Default address based on Geo IP services (requires our free Geo Locator component) yes no yes
Ship to address can be turned off completely  yes no question
Payment and Shipping is automatically updated per any change in shipping address (or billing if shipping is not found) yes no question
Supports drop down lists of shipping addresses yes no question
Can be configured to use just one shipping address (no other can be added) yes no question
Forces SSL on checkout even without a Joomla menu link configured yes no question
Supports default address (for taxes and shipping) per Joomla current language yes no no

Add To Cart features

Supports a link from external site with preconfigured sets of products that leads directly to the checkout yes


(supports only one product)

Supports auto coupon for "add to cart as link" feature that can be handled by 3rd party coupon handlers such as AWO Coupons yes no no
Supports an introduction article above basket that is specific to the "add to cart feature" or your email campaign where the link is used yes no no

Layout General Features

Can disable the cart secton  yes no no
Can disable shipping section yes no question
Can disable shipping address section (at all or per zero weight products in the cart) yes no question
Can disable payment secton (at all, or per zero total order) yes no no
Can show Terms of Service (in a scrollable area or as a full text) yes yes
(per theme mod)
Can show an Article instead of Virtuemart's Terms of Service yes no no
Can show totals that are dynamically updated per address change at two places (top basket and bottom right above the confirm order button)  yes no yes
Does not require more information then necessary from the shopper (agreement checkbox per each address) yes  no yes
Simplifies price view of the cart (it does not show all the columns of the prices and discounts as shown at a normal VM2 checkout) yes no yes
Supports dual discount view (coupon and discount per all products) yes yes question
Can show an introduction article above basket yes no question
Can show Terms of service in modal or as a link to a pop-up yes question question
Can show Terms of Service and/or agreement checkbox only if user is logged (or unlogged)  yes no question

Shipping method related features

Can load shipping outside main window thread which makes the cart to load faster yes no question
Can handle php fatal errors caused during loading of the shipping (API errors or proxy timeouts) and has a failsafe algorithm to reload shpping on such error yes no no
Supports transformation of shipping methods into select drop down yes no no
Supports advanced API methods such as UPS, USPS, Fedex, ACS, Canada Post, Australian Post, Hungarian Pick Pack, and many others yes no


Supports shipping in select drop down anywhere on the checkout page including the basket 


(all known shipipng methods)


(only those
render as select drop down)


Default shipping

Supports no default shipping yes yes yes
Supports default shipping for the least expensive but not zero price (or if enabled including zero price shipping) yes   no  question
Supports default shipping for the most expensive method yes no question
Supports default shipping per text search within the shipping methods yes no no
Payment related features      
Supports payment per shipping (payment is automatically hidden when a configured shipping is selected) and another payment is selected  yes no no
Supports payment in select drop down (OPC can restyle payment html into select drop down) yes no no
Shows payment fee and calculated total immidiately after selecting payment (no ajax call is required which makes it much faster) yes no question

Registration over checkout features

Email as username option  yes no question
Checkout with already existing email even when email is set as username (duplicite email feature) yes no question
Double email field where customer must type the email twice yes no question
Registration works as login when the username and password matches already registered user yes  no question
Can log out every shopper after purchase regarless of the registration type yes no question
Guest checkout (optional registraton) as a new tab or a checkbox within the registration section of the checkokut yes no question
Check if username is already used over ajax during filling fields in the registration section (and optionally disallow checkout) yes question question
Check if email is already used over ajax during filling the fields (and optionally disallow checkout) yes no question
Supports Joomla 2.5 native captcha support (and also keyCaptcha) yes no question
Supported registratin types (Guest, Normal, Silent, No registration) yes yes question
Optionally hides display name core VM field yes no question

System features

(not related to checkout, but part of OPC)
Can change shopper group per Joomla language automatically (you can then set your prices, taxes, shipping and payment methods per this shopper group) yes no no
Synchronize Virtuemart category tree to Joomla menu tree yes no no
Has a full text search utility so you can more easily search content of your files without moving them over FTP (requires long timeout) yes no no
Fixes various fatal syntax errors in Virtuemart versions prior 2.0.6 by updating your core virtuemart files (if the errors are found) question yes no

OPC support

Has javascript event triggers so the checkout can be easily extended with new features per needs (events such as field validation, after selecting shipping, payment, etc..) yes no(our code suggestion
was not accepted)
Over 5 years of experience in Virtuemart (1.0, 1.1. and 2.0.x)  yes question no
Continuous support only for OPC (checkout) with 2 full time emplyees and 2 external co-workers (email, forum, and skype support) yes question question
Free support for 3rd party extensions within compatiblity with OPC
(such as shipping, payment, coupon, tax, vat and other)
yes question question
Backend configuration fully translated into English, Greek, Spanish, Russian, Slovak and Dutch (Nov 2013) yes yes question




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