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Klarna and OPC experience on Virtuemart

One Page Checkout for Virtuemart (both versions) fully supports Klarna payment and compared to the classic Virtuemart checkout, it simplifies the checkout with Klarna. It doesn't asks for the fields such as the SSN twice but uses Virtuemart shopper fields to collect these information. When OPC and Klarna are run from Sweden, you may enable auto address feature for Klarna where the customer after filling his SSN and clicking the button will see all of his fields at the checkout page filled. 


An OPC enhanced checkout with Klarna on Swedish site would look like this

clean screen

We support Klarna in rest of the countries where it is available such as germany, holland, norway and others. 

If you are from outside Sweden our extension allows you to ask for SSN which will get processed by Klarna, but not saved in the database.  

If you are from Sweden, you may want to enabled the auto-address button

We provide full support for Klarna and OPC2 (on VM2 and VM3) cross compatiblity issues and you are welcome to ask any questions via our contact form.  OPC1 on Vm1.1.x runs with Klarna as well, but does not use the auto address button. 



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