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Google Tag Manager (GTM) for Virtuemart

As part of our One Page Checkout solution for Virtuemart 3 (and Virtuemart 2) we provide a standalone tracking plugin which can run even when you decide not to use our checkout solution. The tracking allows you to collect anonymous or per User-id visitor data which help you decide on your ROI within advertisements or site changes.  The tracking solution is installed with the same installer package as the OPC solution itself, and has a separate backend to allow configuration options. 


Google Tag Manager in OPC Tracking Solution 

Google Tag Manager makes it simpler to include various tracking codes including Google Analytics on your site via an intermediate interface loaded with a GTM iframe which further triggers your code such as your Adwords Tracking, Analytics Tracking, various remarketing codes or else. OPC Tracking allows you to include this GTM code (iframe) on all of your pages and furthermore generates DataLayer of your products so you can get as many information as possible from your site. 

DataLayer support is provided on these pages

  • GTM code is provided on all pages loaded by your visitor 
  • DataLayer information are loaded at Virtuemart product details page 
  • DataLayer is loaded also at the cart and checkout page with all of the product information of the products within your customer's cart
  • DataLayer is provided after an order is made per configured order status 
  • We are preparing DataLayer for Virtuemart categories, so you can measure product impressions versus product details views
  • We are also preparing DataLayer for search so you can measure your click trough rate of customer search on your site versus product details view

Google XML Feed in OPC Export Feature

For you to be able to accurately measure your Google Shopping campaigns, the product IDs (or SKUs) from your Google XML Export should match the GTM feed data. For this reason OPC is very flexible and you can set up various formats of the product ID's which for example can include your language tag. OPC Export functions allow your to override the exported category list per google specified categories per your own language and thus you can be sure you get listed within the proper categories at your affiliates or Google Shopping page. 

All-in-one solutions GTM support, XML export and Datalayer

Up to this date there is no competing complete solution for GTM support for Virtueamart. Our solution provides you all your needs which are usually not included by those 3rd party solutions where you usually get only the Google XML export or just an GTM iframe without DataLayer data. 

Our solution runs on Virtuemart 3 and with legacy support it runs also on Virtuemart 2.0 and Virtuemart 2.6. The OPC Tracking and OPC Export do not require the OPC checkout plugin to be used, but they install from a single zip installer and are configured via a common backend interface. 






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