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Google Adwords Conversion Tracking for Virtuemart

This component can execute your affiliate javascript code, tracking pixel, load a tracking iframe or a curl call per specification of your affiliate such as Google Adwords Tracking code. The code is automatically executed when the order status reaches your configured state and is executed on the first page which your customer visits after the order status change. For PayPal this is usually the return URL address and for the standard payment method, it is the classic thank you page. 

Update for Virtuemart 2

We had recently discovered a potential issue with adwords tracking that could have lead to some of the purchases not to being properly tracked. We had updated the Google Adwords conversion tracking code within OPC 2.0.244 version on May 2014. 

To enable the Adwords tracking code you may need to follow these steps after installation of OPC

  1. Enable the Tracking feature at the OPC Tracking section ("Enabled this feauture" at the gallery above) 
  2. Configure your Adwords tracking ID at the Adwords tab  (see the image above)
  3. Enable it per desired status on the first tab of OPC (see the image above)

Further information about the OPC2 tracking feature

OPC2 Update: Since version 2.0.210 we had added more sophisticated feature for your tracking needs, please see description here.

OPC2 note: We added new functions to this feature: curl call to an external site.


OPC1 configuration example:


How to use: 

Enable this feature - none of the features on this tab will work when this is not checked

iFrame Time-Out: The longest time to wait till the iframe bottom's javascript sends a message to the upper frame that the page has been loaded. Please note that if you are using asynchronious javascript in the Code window, it might not work well. It is strongly recommended to use a code which loads an image or javascript which waits till it finishes it's load. 

Code: Use a html valid code which will be inserted inside body tags of the generated html page of the iframe. 

Preselected order total: Use a number which can be replaced within the code with the real order total. Within the Google Adwords this total is replaced particularly in this variable: 

var google_conversion_value = 999;

CURL This URL (Only OPC2): You can set an URL which will be loaded (pinged) at the checkout after confirmation of the order regardless of the status of the order (this feature will be alter on extended over plugins). You can use {order_id}, {email}, , {first_name}, {last_name} as the strings within the URL which will be replaced with real values of your customer. This feature requires curl_multi which loads all the URLs asynchronously directly from your server. 


0 #1 Pr Wodux 2012-10-15 05:28
i have a tracking code like below

How can I replace the order id with the actual order id???
-4 #2 Pr Wodux 2012-10-15 05:43
<iframe src="[censored] s://www.adsetti /check_sale.php ?ordervalue=99& advertiser_id=8 25" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" width="1" height="1">& lt;/iframel>
0 #3 J. Ec. 2013-11-07 11:27

Is there a way to automatically insert the order id into the code section (something similar with the predefined order value)?

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