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Double Email Field for Virtuemart

If the email address of your customer is the most valuable information for you, we created an extension for OPC which asks for customer's email address twice. This is usefull when using silent registration where username is automatically created by customer's email address. 


This feature is particular usefull when you are are selling digital goods only and the product is sent to the customer by email. The OPC does not alter sending of emails anyhow, but enables the email field further check without a need to create a new virtuemart shopper field. 

Language settings

In OPC2 for Virtuemart 2, untill we create a language editor, you will need to edit onepage language file in: 


or copy it to your appropriate directory. The strings used for this function are: 


COM_ONEPAGE_EMAIL_DONT_MATCH="Emails don't match!"


COM_ONEPAGE_EMAIL_DONT_MATCH="Emails don't match!"

In OPC1, there is a an extension configuration where you can set up the language string parameters:

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really nice!


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