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Delivery Date Picker with Holliday Support

Are you looking for a solution to allow your customers to pick a Delivery date, but your real shop opening hours are limited only to business days? Our Delivery Picker section will allow you to use a custom delivery picker where you can configure hollidays, opening days and much more. 



How to configure

Using a custom field in Virtuemart which will be shown witin the Emails, Invoices and the Backend: 

1. Created a Shopper field with Virtuemart -> Configuration -> Shopper fields -> New: 

Make it published and to be shown ONLY in the account maintaince

shopper field config

2. Make it "custom rendered" in OPC so it does not show within your checkout field rendered by OPC Checkout: 

opc config custom rendered



3. Configure OPC's Date Picker to store the value of the selected Date into this field as shown on this image (Choose a shopper field to store the delivery date value.)

opc shipping config


4. Click save within OPC Configuration and test your checkout: 

opc theme datepicker


Developer and Designer Informaton

If you OPC theme does not yet have the datepicker, your designer (or us) can simply add it with: 

<?php echo $delivery_date; ?>

To your onepage.unlogged.tpl.php and onepage.logged.tpl.php file (main layout files) 

The section of the theme itself can be further customized in: 

\components\com_onepage\themes\{your opc theme}\overrides\delivery_date.php






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