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Payment fees and discounts are not shown correctly

This modification fixes bug when you see different Totals generated from ro_basket.php (read - only basket used at many places of VirtueMart, checkout.index, checkout.confirm). In user order total the payment fees and discounts are calculated by percent of order Total including VAT. If you want both to show correct percentual discount or fee (without VAT) you have to modify your ro_basket.php in /administrator/components/com_virtuemart/html/ro_basket.php

We fixed it this way:
Search for $payment_discount = $ps_checkout->get_payment_discount(.... in your ro_basket.php in html folder and remove second parameter $total so it says only:

$payment_discount = $ps_checkout->get_payment_discount($payment_method_id);

The problem is that $total is incl. VAT and it should not be. There should be subtotal there.

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