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Dear customers, the download ID is no longer used as we are providing two versions of OPC. Please log in to our site with your email provided at the checkout and the password sent to you during the registration and you can download OPC below depending on your Virtuemart version. If you forgot your email (username) or password, let us know. You may reset your password here.

Please Log In

Only shoppers with confirmed payment/order can download component files.

If you are a happy owner of our component, please review our change log if any bug fix can concern your installation.

(May 2013) Tax based on a ZIP code

We had released a new tax plugin for Virtuemart 2.0.20+ that calculates tax based on zip codes made for California and other US states having sales tax based on a customer zip code.Download link available only to OPC subscribers

(Nov 2013) Advertisement banner for your site

We had built a new plugin which is capable of showing an article or an image once a day to your customers and renders above your site wherever the customer enters the site. The PRO version of the plugin which supports page cache J1.5 and J2.5. Documentation is here.

(Feb 2014) eWay Direct Payments for Australia

We had made eWay direct payment plugin that shows credit card form directly at the checkout page and works well with OPC. Please report any issues to our OPC forum or to our email.

(Mar 2014) Virtuemart Simple (and fast) Page Cache Plugin

To support the load of our hosting customers using thousands of products and custom filters on their Virtuemart sites we had released a modification of the system cache plugin that works with virtuemart and is superfast.

(May 2014) Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro

We had updated our Ajax Search extension to support a display of products the same way as Virtuemart category page.Documentation and installation guide available here.

One Page Checkout for Virtuemart 1.1.x

Nov 08 2013
Purchase Subscription & Log in to Download

One Page Checkout
for Virtuemart 3

Apr 25 2024
Purchase Subscription & Log in to Download

One Page Checkout 1

for Virtuemart 1.1.x
and Joomla 1.5.x

Nov 08 2013
Change Log
- fixed minimum order amount issue and styling
- added new extension askid - used when a specific products require additional information from customer
- added croatia into european country list

Dec 10 2012
Change Log
- fixed a bug in OPC backend configuration, it did not save configuration when using https
- added support for "multisafe fast checkout" link from the cart page

Nov 08 2012
Change Log
- fixed an issue with three column themes where the logged in customer (in joomla) does not have an account with virtuemart
- fixed an issue with javascript when using online credit cards

Oct 08 2012
Change Log
- fixed an issue with awo coupons pro (latest)
- fixed an issue with prices at the basket when unlog shoppers was enabled

Aug 16 2012
Change Log
- fixed an issue with "Disable a payment method per shipping method" feature.

Jul 19 2012
Change Log
- prepartion for Klarna (SE) payment module (please download 343 version if this does not work well for you)

Jun 08 2012
Change Log
- fixed a potential issue with totals when the customer is not eligible for tax (i.e from outside EU when EU mode selected)

Jun 02 2012
Change Log
- fixed coupon amount issue after submitting an order (this occured only on a very specific configuration of VM)
- fixed basket background image in icetheme templates to support more products

May 15 2012
Change Log
- fixed percentual payment discount calculation under US mode

May 15 2012
Change Log
- fixed US tax issue (tax based on shipping address)

May 15 2012
Change Log
- fixed OPC captcha bug

May 15 2012
Change Log
- added OPC captcha easy support: validation is done by a question of simple multiplication of one digit numbers up to 5 and also by sending a new hash by each ajax request which is then checked at the checkout page (no further extension is required)
- added new option for three_column_template (basic version) to show the login or registration by default - it needs to get set up at the top of the unlogged file

May 14 2012
Change Log
- fixed tax when using coupons

May 06 2012
Change Log
- fixed usr_act issue (shipping on customer UPS account), now it is saved within the shipping method name and customer note

May 05 2012
Change Log
- added support for ShopTracker plugin

May 05 2012
Change Log
- fixed fatal error with vmupload:

May 05 2012
Change Log
- fixed empty prices after checkout
- fixed issues with vm backend order management
- fixed serveral front end related tax issues

Apr 20 2012
Change Log
- fixed a fatal error when country was not recognized for logged in users

Apr 19 2012
Change Log
- fixed issue on php5.3: Warning: round() expects parameter 2 to be long

Apr 14 2012
Change Log
- adds a new order_change override when using tax features of OPC and changing the order items from VM order management backend. You might need to uninstall ps_checkout (extended class) and reinstall it with the backend configurator if you are using these features

Mar 29 2012
Change Log
- fixed a small bug with the unlogging users before purchase

Mar 29 2012
Change Log
- when "Log out shopper after purchase (from Joomla)" is set to enabled, the user is now unlogged also before purchase

Mar 26 2012
Change Log
- fix price without taxes in the cart module problem
- added new feauture (for Denmark) Never add tax to the shipping
- new feature: Show shipping with tax in order details, account information and emails when taxes are enabled and show prices including tax is enabled for the shopper group

Mar 20 2012
Change Log
- fixed a little php notice: Notice: Undefined variable: q in basket.php on line 1138

Mar 20 2012
Change Log
- fixed a fatal error when not using extended class ps_checkout
- fixed language issue at login form of OPC when using joomfish (only at some templates)

Mar 19 2012
Change Log
- fixed a bug on compare shopper groups extension (did not saved into customer's note)

Mar 19 2012
Change Log
- added new feature: Italian privacy checkbox with special terms in textarea (requires a template mod)
- support for UPS on customer's account in customer note
- fixed several issues with percentual payment discounts and fees
- tax tab modified
- now all of the payment fees are automatically shown with tax when enabled for the shopper group

Mar 13 2012
Change Log
- fix: cannot use a scalar value as an array (only applies to a specific system)

Mar 11 2012
Change Log
- updated installer

Mar 11 2012
Change Log
- updated XML manifest file

Mar 07 2012
Change Log
- fixed several EU-VAT related issues
- added new OPC extension: Compare shopper groups by price, will enable to display You save 20% from a RRP prices. (requires to have prices per shopper groups)
- fixed several minor issues with agreement checkbox javascript and three column javascript
- added default payment option when using the feature: disable a payment per shipping method

Mar 05 2012
Change Log
- fixed a die statement at the shop.cart page when there was no default country configured or used
- fixed some php notices at the shop.cart page due to support of new EU-VAT system

Mar 02 2012
Change Log
- fixed a debug information after submission of the order. Please update your OPC if you used any of the last 5 versions.

Mar 02 2012
Change Log
- EU: added new features to the tax system: now a customer with a valid EU-VAT id might be tax-exempt with optional exception of home country
- US: no tax rate for specific shopper groups configurable from OPC backend
- fixed a few bugs with order totals and now all the userfiels are fully sent to the shipping methods

Feb 29 2012
Change Log
- fixed a fatal error in ps_onepage in previous version

Feb 29 2012
Change Log
- fixed a fatal error in the configurator for version 312
- added support for Support for usr_act ( shipping method which enables you to ship to customer's UPS or Fedex account number

Feb 24 2012
Change Log
- major update for tax counting functions, now all of the ps_checkout tax functions are overrided and tested on all tax modes together with coupons
- fixed a bug when order status was twice updated on a new order which lead to download id being sent twice on confirmed orders

Feb 21 2012
Change Log
- fixed a shipping country when no state field avaiable
- default country now is set according to GeoData if our component (GeoLocator) with data is installed
- tuned Fortus Finance payment method
- changed some class structures due compatibility issues when using APC
- changed db object in non-class files to support external database connections
- added ajax for label's editing tab at the backend which lowers memory footprint of the backend by half and now the configurator loads much faster

Feb 09 2012
Change Log
- added new feature: Terms of service link to an article on all templates
- new feature as an OPC extension: shipping address validation on submitting an order - the fields don't have to be configured as required in shopper fields configuration
- added new complex payment method: Fortus Finance (SE) with included auto installer compatible with any VM version and does not overwrite any core files
- some CSS changes to three column templates
- minor changes in coupon handling
- delayed shipping option is not working preperly in this release

Jan 30 2012
Change Log
- fixed Itemid in login form at the checkout (return url)

Jan 30 2012
Change Log
- fixed itemid handling in coupon, update, delete and checkout forms to support most common SEF problems with urls
- added new fully styled template: threecolumn_special_2

Jan 20 2012
Change Log
- fixed display of top and bottom totals in a very specific OPC Tax display configurations. (there will be more features to this display later on also)

Jan 20 2012
Change Log
- added new feature: delivery date selection before or after shipping html, this information will be added to customer note
- added new feature: Packaging Weight addition to total product's weight
- added support for awo coupons pro version 1.4.4+
- added support for AWO coupons per customer/user when a customer is still unlogged (his coupon will automatically not be used if he tries to use it more then configured)
- fixed order_number problem in coupon history in AWO

Jan 13 2012
Change Log
- small update for support of AWO coupons pro

Jan 05 2012
Change Log
- fixed a bug with AWO coupons free version
- added a new variant of three column template

Dec 30 2011
Change Log
- design changes in Order Management

Dec 29 2011
Change Log
- moved payment editor to a different view as TinyMCE and some versions of JCE did not support rendering of the editor inside a hidden tab
- added "Resend confirmation email" to the order management

Dec 28 2011
Change Log
- fixed a bug: cannot save configuration when using TinyMCE (a default text editor for Joomla) We optionally recommend to install JCE.

Dec 28 2011
Change Log
- added a yagendoo_compatible template
- added a new feature: enable zero price default shipping (if the free shipping is handled within other extensions: UPS, AWO)

Dec 22 2011
Change Log
- fixed a bug with free shipping to only a single country
- fixed CSS in three column blue template for coupon use and checkboxes for general use
- fixed autoprocessing feature of exported templates (invoices, cheques, etc..) when updating from a previous version of OPC

Dec 16 2011
Change Log
- fixed a fatal error in previous version (a typo in basket.php)

Dec 16 2011
Change Log
- fixed a bug with "username as email" when using the inbuilt OPC feature

Dec 16 2011
Change Log
- new OPC template released: tdavlin_blue
- fixed several minor bugs with optional registration

Dec 14 2011
Change Log
- new feature: a Joomla Article above basket (found at Display tab)
- new feature: hide top basket
- bug fixes when first name and last name are not obligatory
- added new OPC extension: zip checker (you can configure OPC to accept only numeric zip codes with a certain number of digits)

Dec 09 2011
Change Log
- fixed several bugs related to Optional registration type.
- changed CSS (class) for default template's submit button

Dec 07 2011
Change Log
- fixed a notice in shipping.php (argument 4 missing)

Dec 07 2011
Change Log
- fix VAT on payment fees is now working and will show fee including VAT at the payment method.

Dec 06 2011
Change Log
- fixed notices at the cart page
- tuned order export capabilities

Nov 28 2011
Change Log
- fixed EU tax mode. If you experience problems with tax counting for different states or countries, you can upgrade to this version

Nov 28 2011
Change Log
- fixed an error when installing the first time when no tables are created: Table 'db.jos_onepage_export_templates_settings' doesn't exist SQL=select value from jos_onepage_export_templates_settings where `keyname` = "payment_contentid" ...

Nov 28 2011
Change Log
- fixed a login bug at all templates when OPC is running at a relative path such as

Nov 27 2011
Change Log
- fixed a shiping bug in several latest releases (shipping did not update totals when select dropdown or use inbuilt shipping templates we not selected)
- fixed default country list at the backend which prevented state list at the frontend. This bug occured when using only a single shipping method with no "standard shipping" destinations configured

Nov 24 2011
Change Log
- added support for Aurigma Photo Order extension
- fixed several issues with shipping when using "--select--" for UPS-like methods
- fixed coupon issues for coupons with special characters and spaces

Nov 23 2011
Change Log
- added support for vmProductBuilder component. Merged basket.php and ps_checkout file. Please disable "use inbuilt basket template" at display tab for your extra products to show in the basket. To create a javascript basket, you'll need to merge your basket_b2c.php with our basket.html.php in OPC template files. If you wanted us to create your custom basket template, please purchase a full version of OPC.

Nov 23 2011
Change Log
- fixed a weight problem which was not casted to the shipping methods. This prevented a correct functioning of UPS-like shipping (aupost, fedex, etc) and other shipping methods requiring proper weight variable. Problem occured in versions 1.2.281 to 1.2.283

Nov 22 2011
Change Log
- another fix for awo coupons

Nov 22 2011
Change Log
- fixed percentual AWO coupons shipping bug in OPC: 20 percent coupon for shipping counted incorrect value for the first shipping method

Nov 21 2011
Change Log
- fixed several issues when using bank account type of payment
- fixed couple of minor bugs with javascript when using payment per shipping with active credit cards
- fixed several minor bugs when using AWO coupons (product or shipping coupons)

Nov 16 2011
Change Log
- fixed compatibility with php 5.1.x especially for Labels tab (language editor). Symptoms: Your labels tab included only '.php' language nothing else. Fixed in this version. If you receive any other errors on php 5.1.x, please let us know to support your hosting.

Nov 11 2011
Change Log
- fixed bugs in "disable a payment method per shipping method"
- fixed bugs when using INBUILT SHIPPING TEMPLATES: the values were not correctly encoded and it might have lead for checkout malfunction or redirect to a different page with erasing the cart content + ungloggin the user

Nov 11 2011
Change Log
- another couple of tdavlin CSS fixes

Nov 09 2011
Change Log
- fixed several issues in tdavlin template (labels for missing fields and joomfish default countries)

Nov 04 2011
Change Log
- added javascript validation on credit cards
- when having only downloadable products in the cart the shipping is free
- fixed several issues with new tdavlin template

Nov 02 2011
Change Log
- new OPC template released: tdavlin: 3-column template with several specifications.

Oct 20 2011
Change Log
- added new feature: disable a payment method per selected shipping method (enable and configure in OPC extensions) As this is a new fully rebuilt feature, please let us know of any bugs. It was not tested together with vice-versa function and it is not recommended to use both functions due to a possible loop in javascript
- fixed couple of bugs: ZIP code in the shipping area does not update shipping rates and is not sent to the shipping handler over ajax
- fixed Internal server error in Order Management in specific Order Export configuration (caused by a loop on autoincrement value)
- fixed order export capabilities: proper escaping at server side, eliminating low ascii characters from XML data

Oct 16 2011
Change Log
- added compatibility with plg_joo_recaptcha_pro_v1.5.6 (you need to enable captcha on checkout in the plugin config and it will only work for unlogged users)
- now any plugin that is triggered on checkoutProcess VM function can be initialized

Oct 14 2011
Change Log
- changed "enabled." filename to enabled.html for OPC extensions. If this file exists in the ext directory the OPC extension is enabled

Oct 14 2011
Change Log
- fixed icetheme_thestore's Don't show login in the template checkbox (can be turned on at display tab)
- added Itemid change via Display tab: works only on icetheme_thestore at the moment
- please TURN OFF all OPC extensions which you don't need at OPC Extension tab after upgrade

Oct 06 2011
Change Log
- tuned feature: shipping templates, now ready for production (you can easily customize shipping look via html and css)
- disable a shipping per payment now working via ajax
- being implemented: disable a payment per shipping

Sep 26 2011
Change Log
- bug fixes: duplicit/double orders error in icetheme theme (disabled confirm button after click)
- bug fixes: when ps_order extended installed for "order confirmation email after payment" a confirmed order status email is now NOT sent with order confirmation email
- new feature: editable area (JCE/tinyMCE) for each payment method: you can add images for every of your payment method instead of simple name
- BEING TESTED: new shipping templates (standard_shipping-like style for any payment) We will add editable area per payment method in the next release

Sep 07 2011
Change Log
- email receipt function moved before section which clears credit card data, so some data can be sent by email

Aug 31 2011
Change Log
SERIOUS BUG FIX: FIXED FATAL ERROR AFTER SUBMITTING ORDER IN OPC VERSIONS 1.2.264 TO 1.2.266. If you are using any of these version, you must update your OPC component.

Aug 29 2011
Change Log
- fixed a minor bug when using "shipping as select box" in icetheme theme
- updated RTL templates

Aug 29 2011
Change Log
- we've turned off all extensions by default. Please turn on only those that you need.

Aug 29 2011
Change Log
- added two RTL themes (and more options for icetheme CSS)
- fixed a SQL bug in shipping.php when using states and order export variable listing
- major feature: added delayed shipping option when using UPS or Fedex -like shipping methods
- minimized number of AJAX calls
- added new tab to the Configurator where all the Shipping configuration can be set up
- added new more complex free shipping extension
- fixed default ZIP code in the configurator
NEXT UPDATE: Disable a shipping method according to selected payment method.

Aug 20 2011
Change Log
- fixed free shipping only to one country for logged-in users
- fixed account.billing back link to OPC checkout (instead of default VM checkout) for a specific SEO component
- minor changes to icetheme CSS

Aug 17 2011
Change Log
- added new checkbox for German customers at first tab in the configurator: Do NOT check agreement checkbox by default
- fixed a design bug in icetheme basket to show attributes properly

Aug 12 2011
Change Log
- fixed EU tax mode (now fully supported and working)
- fixed Free shipping extension only to one country
- fixed empty images in the basket for icetheme template

Jul 20 2011
Change Log
- fixed a minor bug if you got an error at the configurator: Warning: file_get_contents(..../administrator/components/com_virtuemart/languages/common/.php)

Jul 17 2011
Change Log
- added new extension: double email check
- fixed several issues with ShipTo and BillTo addresses in various configurations, especially for logged in users and duplicit users

Jul 06 2011
Change Log
- fixed OPC extension support (they did not load due to changes in v. 257)

Jul 06 2011
Change Log
- fixed a bug when coupon system threw a sql fatal error for payment_method_id which was incorrectly set to shipping_method_id (concerns only some coupon systems)
- fixed agreed checkbox and shipping section showing even when shipping is disabled in icetheme checkout theme
- fixed example export excell (ooo) template to support more then one item, shipping and payment fees
- MAJOR FIX: support for windows hosting enviroment (and localhost) where template did not show correctly. Order export to pdf is disabled on localhost.

Jul 04 2011
Change Log
- fixed a bug in javascript when using Paypal new api (changeCreditCardList is not defined) which prevented basket to refresh on changing payment methods
- added couple of lines to pbv theme's CSS for greater compatibility

Jul 01 2011
Change Log
- fixed installer error as we deleted file enabled after releasing previous version

Jun 30 2011
Change Log
- added new OPC extension: add to cart as a link. Now you can create links directly to One Page Checkout in this format: /index.php?option=com_virtuemart&page=shop.cart&add_id[]=269&add_id[]=270&qadd_269=10 (documentation is included in description of this extension)

Jun 25 2011
Change Log
- fixed a small bug when using optional registration type in VM at icetheme template
- KNOWN BUG: free shipping only to one country (OPC extension) works only for unlogged users in this and previous versions - i.e. if a logged in user adds another address with shipping to a foreign country he might still be eligible for free shipping even when this extension is enabled

Jun 23 2011
Change Log
- added new feature: free shipping only for a single country (OPC extension)
- fixed couple of minor CSS bugs in icetheme checkout template

Jun 21 2011
Change Log
- new checkout template added (icetheme_thestore)
- fixed: incompatibility with: Auto-Merge Saved Cart VM extension
- fixed: AWO shipping discount not included in the invoice data

Jun 20 2011
Change Log
- awo free shipping coupons now supported (will create a new coupon of the same amount as selected shipping)
- fix in extension handling - paypal new api is not enabled as OPC extension when not installed
- different handling of checkout errors: now the script encodes the error msg in the URL instead of relying on $_SESSION
- TO DO: Fortus (SE) payment extension (will be avaiable soon)

Jun 17 2011
Change Log
- fixed a minor bug for various versions of AWO coupons system
- added support for ps_suomenverkkomaksut (Finish payment solution)
- fixed a bug when using shipping inside basket with "add -select-" as default option. When user was logged in and din't select the shipping, he was not alerted and the order was saved.

Jun 12 2011
Change Log
- fixed a bug when customer after clicking submit order button was redirected to the frontpage. This behavior was detected only in very specific unknown server configuration related to session variable handling and occured only in IE8.

Jun 03 2011
Change Log
- fixed a missing directory in the installer

Jun 03 2011
Change Log
- added full support for PayPal New API which was tested in all three modes: direct payments for US and UK (PayPal Pro with PayPal New API), PayPal Express, normal PayPal checkout (customer note does not save at the moment for normal PayPaL checkout) We fixed many bugs included in standard PayPal New Api especially with rounding and tax issues by overriding some of the functions. For PayPal New Api to work you'll need to enable it as an extension at "OPC Extension" tab.
- we created a new OPC extension where a cart item is automatically created on the first visit of the cart. This is usefull for magazin (or event) subscription with (or without) payment.

May 18 2011
Change Log
- fixed several minor bugs with awo coupons compatibility
- fixed display of totals at the bottom when no basket override
- fixed totals at the bottom when turned off (no totals at the bottom)
- fixed problem with displaying payment errors

- coupons after taxes in Virtuemart configuration: Virtuemart -> Admin -> Configuration -> Subtract payment discount before tax/shipping? (UNCHECKED) If unchecked your percentual coupons will be counted from total including shipping, taxes, payment fees.

May 17 2011
Change Log
- complete remake of coupon handling to support AWO coupons up to order total with tax for any shipping or payment fee
- fixed a bug when no email was shown at thank you page when "no account creation" and "disable registration in joomla" we set. This fix also fixes other issues when no registration is used.
- support for 0 amount orders: will not load any validation for payment and will not load payment classes

May 12 2011
Change Log
- fixed bug for single credit card payment method
- added new feature: email instead of username (username is hidden with CSS and substituted by email, previous users can still use their usernames) Works especially for optional and normal registration type
- added new override to pbv_multi theme for logged in users (and other CSS changes)
- fixed a bug in registration_tabs theme when two checkboxes could be selected for logged in users
- fixed a default payment, when incorrectly selected so there is at least one payment method always selected
- added address_1 and address_2 to AJAX user so the shipping can get them (for example for filtering POBOX)
- AJAX changed from GET to POST (if any problems with shipping on SSL, let us know ASAP)
- option to disable AJAX if your shipping does not depend on the address
- deleted CSS for continue link in pbv_multi, fixed width for labels for unlogged users
- added paypal express to the templates (PPL new API is not fully supported, we need your feedback)
- added number of related products for two_step templates into the configurator

May 10 2011
Change Log
- Updated pbv_multi theme to support the registration tabs for login and registration
- flush() command for ps_multisafepay wrapped in conditional after payment processing. If the flush command is not issued, the payment module does not want to redirect. Now the flush is done only for ps_multisafepay, no other modules. The change is done in ps_onepage after process_payment(...

Older versions avaiable on request.

One Page Checkout 2.0

for Virtuemart 4.0.8
Other VirtueMart versions supported: VM4.x,VM3.2,VM3.6,VM3.8,VM2.6
Joomla support: Joomla 4.x, Joomla 3.10.x, Joomla 2.5

Apr 25 2024
Change Log
- fixed a possible fatal error on new installations (OPC_DEFUALT_COUNTRY not defined)
- adjusted field validation to support "google material design fields"
- fixed Awocoupons SQL error on latest awo (session_id column not found)
- Tested on J3.10 to J5.1 + VM3.2 to VM4.2.8
- Updated plugins: Google Auth (now uses iframes and can be shown multiple times on single page) + Ajax login (changed one time token behavior + added support for material design fields)

Mar 07 2024
Change Log
- major update for Joomla 5 and latest VM4.8.X
- developed on J3+php81 and J5+php83 (tested on other versions as well)
- adds OpenAI API functionality to process inputs and analyze files on your site directly
- tested on J3,J4 and J5
- fixes coupon issues on latest VM builds (4.8)
- updated zasilkovna plugin (for gls)
- updated Google Exports (sitemap includes images and google RSS exports real shipping rates )

Dec 01 2023
Change Log
- added support for Joomla 5 (requires VM4.2.5.10940 and later)
- checkout major fix - disabled validation of non-configured fields (shipping field) which are present in the database (userinfos - for example VAT) but not published per specific type (i.e. VAT within shipping address)
- adjusted styles at backend
- many minor fixes for php8.3 and php8.4 compatibility
- updated opc tracking system when opc is disabled
- adjusted com_rupsearch and related extensions
- adjusted producttabs to support category datas

Oct 20 2023
Change Log
- major joomla 4 fixes and adjustments
- php9 compatiblity adjustments (removed many deprecated notices on php8.3) - suggested php versions is php8.1 on both J3 and J4
- RMA system adjustments (new backend view via opc ext installer)
- other internal fixes (com_delivery, com_rupsearch, others) for J4 compatibility
- moss plugin fixes for J4

Aug 21 2023
Change Log
- many J4 fixes in OPC core
- major fix in guest registration (missing password fields error)
- google sitemap now adds product and category images as well (intended to be run via cron CLI)
- support for non interactive tracking in any context (cli + ajax) for klaviyo and facebook server2server conversion api
- many php8.2 depreciation fixes

Jul 14 2023
Change Log
- updated J4 issues (at opc tracking + order export pages where the enabler did not work)
- updated field validation (now max field length is used from VM core as well), plus opc can validate much more scenarios per opc shopper field config or VM field config
- updated sendcloud for J4 and new admin template
- captcha update for J4
- GA4 and OPC tracking performance optimalizations
- other updates

Jun 21 2023
Change Log
- adjusted validation of the ST address (regexes, per country configs and others - both FE JS and PHP validators - APIs and other)
- fixed some J4 bugs (jquery.ui)

May 22 2023
Change Log
- fix for possible issue with empty shipment (and or payment) method during the order creation which was not caught by order validation
- adjusted GTM tracking with a custom triggerer for own checkout step

May 12 2023
Change Log
- major compatiblity update for latest VM builds (4.0.16 - 4.0.21) due to changes in vRequest behavior
- minor Joomla 4 updates
- many changes to Google Tag Manager tracking
- new features in shopper fields handling (fixes + required field per country, custom labels + much more)
- lost password system with simlified process (compared to core joomla)
- major bug fix for rendering of shipping, payment methods when country might had been incorrectly set to vendor country (when opc tracking was used)

Mar 02 2023
Change Log
- adjusted compatiblity with Joomla 4
- adjusted product postload via postload plugin (now supports static caching)
- complete remarkety support (via OPC Tracking)
- new OPC klarna checkout plugin
- changes to GTM tracking (will change further in next version) + fixes in add-to-cart event provided by OPC Tracking

Nov 22 2022
Change Log
- possible 404 upon checkout in some cases in 431 version (stripe)
- mod_taxcountry and moss_calc plugin to display EU OSS taxes
- com_rupsearch fixes on j4
- php8.2 updates (producttabs system )
- opcajaxlogin (can remake responses from login forms into ajax, so that customer stays on the same page - like opc or other )
- remarkety tracking updates + minor fixes in tracking
- other minor fixes

Oct 25 2022
Change Log
- joomla 4 bug fixes and updates
- new adjusted MOSS plugin with EU OSS popup to choose a country (uses mod_taxcountry)
- experimental new features - new ajax login plugin, google authentication plugin and lost password system
- updated Stripe for VM4.0.7+
- developed mainly on latest VM4.0.7 (4.0.8) and php8.1.X and Joomla 3.x (Joomla 4 is supported but still not recommended for production usage due to too many changes in Joomla 4 core each month )

Sep 08 2022
Change Log
- new Google Analytics 4 is now available
- many fixes for Joomla 4
- new OPC features that will be introduced in following releases (content security policy, order heat map, OPC API to create new orders via REST API, Google Authentication, new plugins)

Jun 21 2022
Change Log
- fixed opc core bug where configuration was not properly loaded (fixes payment per shipment beharior)
- updated opc tracking for facebook and other addtocart/removefrom cart tracking systems
- minor updates for Joomla 4 (privacy link)
- other updates for php8.1 and J4 compatiblity
- new Awocoupon system (via Generic Exports - OPC Order Export and plg_system_exporttabs) - you can now import orders into awo copoupon lists (per product or per category from within category BE view)
- trusted shops tracking and review system (supports to download reviews to be shown at FE and translate them with Google Cloud Translate APIs)
- com_rupsearch compatiblity with J4
- OPC backend views were remade to use select2 instead of chosen

May 05 2022
Change Log
- bug fix release against last 2 opc versions in handling opc config values

May 03 2022
Change Log
- fixed configuration saving issues with some of the OPC config values
- adjusted GeoLocator extension to load also IPv6 database
- added CLI update support for GeoLocator (to update IP database on regular basis)
- GeoLocator requires Maxmind license key (either free or paid)
- minor adjustments in Stripe and Braintree plugin

Mar 31 2022
Change Log
- adjusted php8.1 compatibily for acymailing 7 subscription checkbox

Mar 30 2022
Change Log
- bug fix in core OPC (shipping address handling and ordering of the address fields with css order and tabindex)
- new features added: API calls to OPC CLI utilities with session-less support (creating a new order with OPC Rest API)
- new session read only and no-session installable Joomla3 override (for performance of ajax calls and API security)
- adjusted zasilkovnaopc and added GLS Parcelshops (with support of COD filters per branch)
- updated php8 and php8.1 compatiblity

Jan 15 2022
Change Log
- fixed a field validation bug in core opc javascript (onepage.js) that could give wrong "missing fields" if another form without an ID with email, username fields were rendered on the same page and field names are conflicting with checokut fields (email, username, password or others)

Dec 24 2021
Change Log
- fixed opc tracking not loaded on some pages
- major update to stripe plugin (now supports payment element with google pay and apple pay)

Nov 26 2021
Change Log
- updated mysql 5.5 compatibility
- fixed GTM not loaded at some pages

Oct 27 2021
Change Log
- major update for joomla 4 compatibility (still not recommended for production usage)
- updated zasilkovna plugin
- added new module to load a component within a modoule position (or via loadmodule plugin) - used for new RMA OPC view
- added new RMA (refunds, returnes) customer page with uploads and email support
- added a framework for product lazyload and new session handling plugin (requires joomla session handling=none and php.ini handling=files) - session read only plugin allows to use calls to the site without altering session or using metadata when ro_sess=1 is detected in URL (speeds up concurrent joomla ajax,xhr,fetch,baecon calls exponentially )

Aug 25 2021
Change Log
- Joomla4 compatiblity update (to make Virtuemart running on Joomla 4, please install our j4legacy plugin from OPC extensions)
- updates to OPC core (added redirect to checkout page after an item is deleted from the cart)

Jul 09 2021
Change Log
- fixed a possible fatal error in opc core for logged in users when state is being used
- updated moss plugin (further updates will follow for IOSS,OSS,MOSS)

Jul 06 2021
Change Log
- compatiblity upgrade for latest official Zasilkovna Virtuemart 3 plugin
- minor updates in OPC core (possible fatal error in registration view)
- MOSS plugin update (IOSS support is not yet finished, OSS and MOSS are working okay) + opc core update for MOSS plugin

May 28 2021
Change Log
- opc plugins update (main opc loader system plugin + exporttabs plugin) these plugins loaded Virtuemart at the installation page which can cause issues when updating Virtuemart in future (to prevent issues updating VM you may temporarily disable any plugins which you think are loading Virtuemart from system plugins so that VM update is fluent)

May 24 2021
Change Log
- updated for VM2 compatiblity (or old VM3)

May 24 2021
Change Log
- fixed state dropdown when set as shipping field required (within opc shopper fields)
- optimized opc db queries to prevent duplicate queries within same page load

May 21 2021
Change Log
- updated field regex validation via PHP for logged in users (address is shown editable with invalid fields if a regex-per-country doesn't match the customer's stored address)
- added new system for time range enabling/disabling of shipment methods and modules (from time A to time B) certain methods+modules will be enabled while another methods+modules will be disabled and once the time passes, the system switches the state back (used for free shipping campaigns) - needs CLI access
- minor bug fixes and enhancements in "field state" storing in session and better php8 compatibility
- countries are now sorted by locale in core opc (and the mod was also applied for future core virtuemart)
- this version was primarily tested on latest J3.9.x and VM3.8.X + VM3.4.X

May 05 2021
Change Log
- fixed an issue with autocomplete attribute in checkout form (the OPC config wasn't applied for autocomplete)
- further adjustments for php8 compatibility (php8 is yet recommended only for testing)
- better management within OPC Order Export config (each system got own page view now)
- minor bug fixes in utilities systems and performance

Apr 13 2021
Change Log
- fixed a possible sql error (fatal error) when OPC is installed into a clean system without previous OPC installation (related to multilanguage)

Mar 18 2021
Change Log
- added alert framework (instead of native alert you can now choose to use bootstrap2, bootstrap4, opc or native as default)

Mar 18 2021
Change Log
- fixed double alert errors (possible double order submission)
- updated braintree plugin to the latest APIs and fixed address validation in staging omde
- fixed post pay system (now updates total to selected payment method fee addition) - post pay system still uses current product prices of existing products (does not yet support nonexistent products or historical prices)

Mar 17 2021
Change Log
- minor compatibility adjustments for latest VM3.8.8
- bug fixes (userfields in registration emails on vm3 )
- stripe and braintree backend adjustments and better error log at the backend (messages can be now groupped by session_id of spepecific user within search)
- new ST address for logged in users is now empty instead of "last used"
- new experimental features: continue order after vendor sets shipping address (payment link - continue checkout link can be sent via email)
- version tested on php5.6 to php8.0 and joomla 2.5 to joomla 3.9.25 and VM3.8.9
- new plugins available and updates available (braintree updated to support generic opc theme + many updates to stripe plugin + email related plugins + updates to zasilkovna plugin )

Dec 01 2020
Change Log
- fixed clear cart link fatal error on latest virtuemart 3.8.x
- many updates to OPC button and tabs extensions
- new feature: no shipping rate could not be found can now be used as a filter for payment methods (so shipping can be charged after order)
- updated opc plugins (zasilkovnaopc, plg_system_exporttabs,plg_authentication_joomla1 now supports master password login, plg_system_opc_captcha_loader - now loads opc captcha at pages where captcha is not initialized by default)
- this version is tested on joomla 3.9.23 + joomla 2.5.x + VM3.8.x + VM2.6.x + php5.6 to php8.0
- added order export system - ShipStation (for CA,US) - a complete order sync against shipstation
- added shipping method config export via OPC button at Sherpa system (opc order export)
- added notify list exports via Notify order export system
- complete update for Stripe (for OPC) plugin (fixes a few bugs and is now being used on a few production sites) - please note that Stripe requires absolutely no javascript errors at your checkout

Oct 02 2020
Change Log
- adjusted acymailing 6 compatiblity (tested on free version yet)
- OPC Utilities - fixed a bug with cron job "automatic category association" of parent categories (the code raised autoincrement value in #__virtuemart_product_categories which might had led to out of range errors when manipulating categories) - there is abutton in OPC Utilities to renumber autoincrement value for this purpose so it is low again
- added new multilanguage and module helper functions into OPC Utilities which allow to clone all modules by position, or clone whole site into a different/new language (menus + modules + module configs + module associations + articles) - this feature is still under developement
- fixed minor bugs in system which handles new Tabs at product/category/manufacturer/payment/shipment/user for OPC Export system
- adjusted zasilkovnaopc plugin to support more systems (Ceska Posta) and upgraded to v4 of zasilkovna API (last update only used v3 API) + added support for chosen (not recommended)

Sep 17 2020
Change Log
- fixed shipto address problem (not stored) when used with "only one ST address for logged user" was enabled in OPC backend
- updated opc captcha code and handling to load in all pages (via opc system plugin)
- avantlink tracking code added to opc tracking extensions
- other minor updates in storing opc configuration within product/category/manuf/payment/shipment tabs when used/configured
- removed composer.phar file which was false detected as potential virus by some signatures

Jul 27 2020
Change Log
- bug fix - awocoupon automatic coupon fix when OPC ajax theme is used and quantity controls are being used (awo didn't update it's autocoupon logic)
- feature update (min/max/step quantity support in OPC cart )

Jul 17 2020
Change Log
- another update for Zasilkovna (now uses v4 branch version) and suggested cron update is 15 minutes
- fixed Ship to address validation when Shipping fields are marked as obligatory in OPC Shopper fields (no validation done in previous version)
- new experimental feature - address history (providing new IDs per address changes)

Jul 09 2020
Change Log
- fixed a few minor OPC core bugs (possible XSS)
- extended checkout error reporting (now catches also javascript errors from frontend)
- new Stripe plugin made for OPC (any feedback is welcome). New stripe payment plugin can be installed from OPC Extensions, is configured at Joomla plugins and then at Virtuemart payment methods. Our Stripe plugin does not require full PCI compliance (i.e. no Credit Card data flow via your own server or server house and no credit card data are sent via POST request). It uses very latest and the most secure Stripe API available and supports also 3D secure version 2 - it is possible that support request for our Stripe plugin may require custom works outside standard OPC support
- Updated Zasilkovna(CZ) plugin to run on the latest API, supports all countries supported by Zasilkovna and is extremely optimized for client rendering (i.e. slow PCs and Mobiles), branches are generated via Cron or URL access
- OPC optimalizations (reduced #__onepage_moss table size or inserts via new configuration at EU VAT section)

Apr 27 2020
Change Log
- fixed OPC Order Export issue when saving shipping,payment,category,product data at VM backend (order export config might had got lost)
- fixed and updated product export system when run via export.php

Mar 26 2020
Change Log
- feature update with new mod_cartsave OPC Extension that allows to store/share/load carts by URL or by an XLS file
- minor VM compatiblity updates against latest VM releases
- extended overrides capabilities for new ways of redesigning all payment and shipping methods
- developed and tested especially on latst VM and Joomla versions (vm3.6.10+ and J3.9.+ )
- many OPC extensions updates

Nov 28 2019
Change Log
- updated editable attributes section to support both string and generic type variant as well as multivariant
- updated all CLI code to support large memory usage (for sitemap generation or else)

Nov 21 2019
Change Log
- bug fix for paypal payment not showing on some core OPC themes (broken from cca version 390)
- ST address and shipment method fixes when used in multi step mode or upon returing from some payment providers (like paypal)
- major works on google sitemap (requires CLI execution in this version)
- IMPORTANT: rules_shipping and VM3.6.8 includes a bug which incorrectly sets country in rules_shipping, an update of Virtuemart is available in and later (will be fixed in official 3.6.10)

Oct 14 2019
Change Log
- added product ID filter on product XML export
- adjusted compatiblity with GJC Taxcloud

Oct 04 2019
Change Log
- updated zasilkovnaopc to support hungarian (and other) branches for shipping + speed up enahncements (now json file is generated into media directory with 30 day timeout)

Oct 01 2019
Change Log
- fixed a syntax error on php5.6 within cart_override.php (possibly invoked on newer versions as well)
- fixed a few notices when using payment html overrides
- updated shopper add admin feature to remember states of registration if it fails and also to suppress joomla registration email to the customer (it was sent twice - VM and J )

Sep 27 2019
Change Log
- fixed a table creation problem with new "opc checkout error log" feature
- fixed a bug when using "none" (--please choose--) as default payment method

Sep 26 2019
Change Log
- bug fix update for VM3.6.1-DEV, this version is mainly developed for VM3.6.2 and J3.9.11
- payment method display fix (some payment methods might got hidden in checokut - vs paypalexpresscheckoutssc )
- new feature: Checkout Error Log (now all redirects with errors can be logged in database for your information)

Sep 11 2019
Change Log
- lot's of minor updates in OPC core to support calculation plugins like Avalara for US usage
- updated opc tracking functionality which might had interfered with order status of IPN payments
- updated tracking which had caused fatal error on previous OPC version
- updated postloader plugin

Jul 04 2019
Change Log
- adjusted shopper fields config (html5 inputs should not get html entities now), adjusted autocomplete for username, password within registration
- adjusted compatibility with the very latest awo coupons (recommended update for any cross awo compatibility)
- adjusted fancybox popup binder so it is more flexible against custom fancybox

Jul 04 2019
Change Log
- adjusted shopper fields config (html5 inputs should not get html entities now), adjusted autocomplete for username, password within registration
- adjusted compatibility with the very latest awo coupons (recommended update for any cross awo compatibility)
- adjusted fancybox popup binder so it is more flexible against custom fancybox

Jun 13 2019
Change Log
- updated validation for checkout fields, especially email field for logged in customers
- updated input handling for phone numbers that use format of "+123" without spaces - the plus was not stored properly
- updated pattern handling in OPC backend's shopper fields - plus was incorrectly converted to a space
- updated code to the latest API
- generic minor updates to opc tracking system
- updated handling of OPC's hidden or custom rendered fields (now they are hidden for shipping address always)

Jun 11 2019
Change Log
- dropped dependency on mootools in OPC backend (used for joomla article selectors). now OPC backend can load even when mootools is disabled at backend with a 3rd party plugin (frontend does not use mootools for last few years)

Jun 11 2019
Change Log
- fixed product export URL when live site urls is set in configuration
- fixed double invoice numbers in backend when multiple order statuses are associated in order invoice management
- updated GTM, GA and code
- updated opc_captcha

May 24 2019
Change Log
- updated fatal catcher plugin (to support multiple emails and suppress virtuemart 404 error handling)
- fixed PHP syntax error in one of the Google Tag Manager files (IMPORTANT !)
- optimized tracking system core code

May 21 2019
Change Log
- critical update for VM2.6.X backward compatibility
- updated code for Virtuemart
- pricemod plugin: lot's of changes in product price handling (can use highest asigned shopper group ID to the product instead of the lowest price + works with group quantity ranges per any multivariant + can use 1 step quantities for products in stock overriding step quantity)
- updated AwoCoupons ( compatibility for Buy X Get Y feature
- updated GTM tracking code

Mar 29 2019
Change Log
- fixed ztvirtuemarter compatiblity (IMPORTANT: if your using ztvirtuemarter please contact the developer for security updates)
- updated eway code for latest PHP7.3 and VM (not tested in production, please let us know if you use this plugin)

Mar 27 2019
Change Log
- backward compatibility update tested on VM2.6.22, Joomla 2.5.X, Awo coupons (latest)
- further update in our opc captcha plugin (added new RBLs)

Mar 22 2019
Change Log
- major update for GeoLocator to work with new GeoLite2 databases provided by Maxmind
- added new "opc_captcha" plugin which can replace Google Recaptcha in all aspects and blocks spammers per GeoIP location (if configured) or per DNS RBL checks (if 2 of 7 checks mark the user as spam, he is blocked)
- OPC backward compatibility updated: OPC now can be installed on J2.5 and J3.x without Virtuemart, so you can install GeoLocator and opc_captcha even when Virtuemart is not present. All code is compatible with both Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x
- updgrade for possible fatal error in vmplugin.php for next stable VM release (VM3.4.4+)
- all code is tested on php7.3 (and lower versions), if you decide to upgrade to php7.3 make sure all 3rd party software is compatible as well (template + payment + shipping methods)

Mar 13 2019
Change Log
- critical update for current developer versions of Virtuemart and future VM 3.4.4 (or 3.4.6 depending on how it will be numbered in future) PREVIOUS OPC VERSIONS WILL NOT WORK ON UPCOMING VM RELEASE
- updated opc extensions:
-- price mod: calculate quantity discounts per whole multivariant group not just the child itself
-- price mod: set highest shopper group of a user to override loaded prices (contracted prices vs normal prices)
-- updated Google Tag Manager code which now supports triggerers from productdetails and other VM templates to pre-render product tracking data

Feb 11 2019
Change Log
- fix opc core default address country (default country was not stored in opc backend)
- fix registration and checkout for optinal registration (passwords not shown)
- fix awo auto coupons at checkout (autocoupons did not work properly)

Jan 11 2019
Change Log
- fixed default shipping configuration option in opc (was not applied)
- other minor fixes in opc core
- updated rupsearch extension

Nov 27 2018
Change Log
- fixed opc plugin ordering which caused incompatiblity with customfieldsforall, ztvirtuemarter, jhackguard -> opc must load as very first plugin before these
- fixed minor address related html5 issues
- updated com_rupsearch, mod_customfieds

Oct 26 2018
Change Log
- added support for checkbox editable attributes in the cart
- fixed thank you page article when in append or replace mode

Oct 22 2018
Change Log
- fixed business fields on sandwitch opc themes
- fixed thank you page's article (now the last order status's article is shown)
- fixed order numbering by opc when invoice number is equal to order number (the bug was that invoice number was plus one to order number)

Oct 08 2018
Change Log
- fixed double thank you page payment messages (please report any misbehavior at thank you page) -> new VM introduces new way of handling thank you page thus we must had adjusted OPC to support legacy methods as well as new code
- fixed delivery datepicker not loaded (some opc configuration options could not be stored and loaded properly)
- fixed some J2.5 issues at the backend with shopper fields

Sep 28 2018
Change Log
- fixed blank OPC registration page
- fixed thank you page for some payments on VM3.4.x (redirect or data from payment)
- ztvirtuemarter system plugin is now marked as incompatible (breaks ajax calculation of shipping/payment methods)

Sep 25 2018
Change Log
- major compatiblity fix for Virtuemart 3.4 (some payments may not work at all)
- major change in OPC's configuration handling (please double check your OPC config is same after this upgrade - we moved all OPC config to database only)
- fixed fatal error on php7.2 when states were used in shipto address
- many new features for OPC shopper fields added (now allows to style checkout per country selected, and use HTML5 validation per selected country)

Aug 22 2018
Change Log
- fixed mysql 5.5 compatibility (invalid value for time)
- fixed display of error messages in checkout (box did not hide immidiatelly when no error messages are present)

Aug 08 2018
Change Log
- lot'f of minor bug fixes within OPC functions (strenghtened session handling with too many ajax calls)
- fixed product stock update CLI function
- NEW: GDPR log and GDPR 3rd party tracking features added (now you can show a checkbox if user agrees to provide his email to 3rd party such as google reviews or heureka)
- GDPR log can be used with newsletter subscription (called acymailing checkbox in opc)
- GDPR log stores state of agreement (associated articles of tos,privacy,newsletter,tracking) per the time when the user agrees
- updated advanced features (new CRON via CLI functions to update stock and products)
- awo coupon adjustments (displayes all error messages as defined in awo coupons)

May 21 2018
Change Log
- AWOCoupon 3 (tested on support. Awocoupon3 will not work on previous OPC versions and OPC update is required to at least this version if you are using the very latest Awo coupon system

May 09 2018
Change Log
- fixed redirect after login at the OPC Registration page override
- fixed Zasilkovna (shipping plugin) no branch selected error for logged in users (works with official zasilkovna plugin)

May 07 2018
Change Log
- added new configuration option for privacy policy (choose an article for privacy policy)
- modified clean_simple2 opc theme's \components\com_onepage\themes\clean_simple2\overrides\italian_checkbox.php to display the pop-up with the privacy policy as chosen at OPC backend

May 03 2018
Change Log
- puma IT re-added stripe plugin compatibility with our OPC
- removed messages "product updated", "product removed" from OPC pages (thank you + checkout)
- major update to Google Analytics GTAG tracking (now tracks more events including add to cart events, or leaving the site with foreign href links)
- fixed notices shown at the checkout page
- added stock system and supporting plugins (requires cusom support subscription)
- added search plugin that can redirect results from 3rd party search modules to com_rupsearch for better results
- adjusted vmcache plugin to support rsforms rendered in com_content or else
- other minor adjustments to OPC plugins, OPC Tracking system, OPC Order Export system (stock management)

Mar 14 2018
Change Log
- fixed a possible syntax error in Google Tag Manager tracking at category view

Mar 14 2018
Change Log
- updated validation when no branch is selected
- fixed chosen drop downs on j3.8.6 at OPC Tracking configuration area

Mar 09 2018
Change Log
- new cart save and load module added to OPC (can be installed from OPC Extensions)
- major update to com_rupsearch (ajax search pro) - now displayes results from com_search as well as VM's categories and manufacturers with a tab system (custom, uikit, bootstrap)
- bug fix and feature update for Google Analytics and Google Adwords Tracking
- criteo tracking full implementation (cart + product + category + order tracking)

Feb 15 2018
Change Log
- added the new option for "fetch vs jquery ajax" to suport pontB (Hungarian pick pack pont) shipping method
- added support for k2-user plugin even when it's configured to use captcha and OPC is not using captcha

Feb 08 2018
Change Log
- virtuemart ajax search component updated to work on j3.8.4+ with multiple words
- added full support for shopper groups to ajax search results and category display (when using category search it will not show categories which are empty per current shopper group)
- easy creation of custom indexes from module ajax search: product_sku, product_mpn, product_gtin, product custom fields
- minor updates in onepage.js and shipping estimator javascript

Feb 06 2018
Change Log
- updated OPC core javascripts (we migrated to html5 fetch which is expected to be faster and more asynchronious on, HTML4 functions are still supported for old browsers)
- modified vmcache which can be disabled per buffer search now (for rsform rendering)
- modified ajax search module and com_rupsearch to rename keyword to product_keyword due to a bug in joomla 3.8.4 and 3.8.5 which rewrite the variable

Feb 02 2018
Change Log
- updated geolocator not to give errors when the geodata table is missing
- fixed a possible fatal error in core OPC files (db->setexecute non existent function calling in opc userfields.php)

Jan 25 2018
Change Log
- added multi step checkout framework/support (allows to use selected OPC templates as multi step checkout: cart edit + coupon + shipping estimator -> user data edit BT, ST -> payment + shipping -> confirm page)
- updated Affiliate Category Pairing (added XLS export and import to allow pairing of your google, heureka, ceneo, beslist categories)
- fixed a bug in XML product feed generation
- added new CLI functions (product stock import which takes less than 1 second per 20 000 products)
- fixed duplicate IDs in checkout (new google chrome console error message)
- performance tuning and fixes for core OPC checkout classes
- joomla4 compatibility layer (full compatibility will be added once Virtuemart is compatible with joomla4)
- complete remake of Editable Attributes in the Cart (now multivariant attributes are supported as well)
- tested with Awo Coupons and Virtuemart 3.2.13-dev (joomla 2.5.x and VM2 is still supported)

Dec 14 2017
Change Log
- updated facebook pixel tracking code for the thank you page

Dec 14 2017
Change Log
- important bug fix for adding to the cart when no add-to-cart popup is enabled (affected versons: 2.0.349+350)

Dec 13 2017
Change Log
- fixed template override for appended order details at the thank you page

Dec 12 2017
Change Log
- updated awo coupons support
- updated custom fields handling in OPC
- shipping address logged-in display fix in most templates on php7+
- new google analytics tracking (GTAG) with new adwords tracking
- fixed minor bugs in OPC extensions
- this version is tested on VM3.2.8 and Joomla 3.8.3 (previous versions still supported)
- major update in the way how opc plugins are installed (they use joomla installer now instead of bulk file copy) + OPC clears cache after each saving of the configuration

Sep 21 2017
Change Log
- update for OPC Tracking functionality on Joomla 3.8+ (some events incl purchase are not captured on Joomla 3.8)

Sep 21 2017
Change Log
- important bug fix if OPC REGISTRATION override is used (the registration page keeps refreshing if there is no items in the cart)

Sep 19 2017
Change Log
- critical update for Joomla 3.8 release (previous OPC versions will NOT load on Joomla 3.8)

Sep 14 2017
Change Log
- major update in OPC Tracking Thank you page handling, the update allows to catch much more data for your processors (google analytics or GTM) especially when Paypal is used (now OPC Tracking refreshes the thank you page if the IPN comes after the user lands at your thank you page leading to better conversion data rates)

Sep 04 2017
Change Log
- updated OPC compatiblity code for AwoCoupons 2.5.9
- updated ajax search to include custom fields at the results
- added page refresh when empty cart is detected

Aug 30 2017
Change Log
- bug fix update for awo coupon autocoupons
- bug fix for calculation of the total when using a fully ajaxified cart
- feature update for order export feature
- fixes and updates in opc tracking handling
- added "reinstall" button to phpExcel since the original version is not php7 compatible (used in OPC Order Export)

Aug 10 2017
Change Log
- fixed a problem with storing shipping address for new customers under some OPC configuration
- fixed shopper group handling for EUVAT shopper group of logged in customers
- updated ajax search module design to be more responsive and user friendly
- updated currency module with currency element classes
- added a full implementation of Facebook Pixel tracking
- other minor updates to opc extensions

Jul 07 2017
Change Log
- fixed opc filter for payment method per product ID (cofig did not store/get displayed)
- updated product tabs plugin to follow vm config for recommend a product and other settings that prevented product view

Jun 29 2017
Change Log
- updated html in all icetheme derived OPC templates (fixed closing span)
- added better support for zero orders (now it supports a selection of payment methods even when the total is zero)
- updated product tabs plugin
- tested mainly on VM3.2.4 and Joomla 3.7.2 (compatible with previous versions as well)
- updated subscription checkbox for registration templates
- added new CSS-less template that runs on ja_brickstore (Joomla Art Template)

Apr 26 2017
Change Log
- updated Awo Coupons compatiblity (awo 2.5.6)
- updated ajax search pro (com_rupsearch) for vm3.2.X product display
- update GTM tracking per latest feedback from our customers
- added new Order Export plugin (send XLS to your Suppliers per Manufacturer of the Order Items)

Apr 18 2017
Change Log
- IMPORTANT FIX: onepage.js in MS IE11 and below produced an error which could had lead to checkout malfunction on all IE browsers (except the EDGE browser)

Apr 18 2017
Change Log
- fixed a possible SQL error on VM2.0 and VM2.6.X

Apr 13 2017
Change Log
- adjusted amazon plugin compatiblity
- adjusted swiss rounding in OPC cart display
- fixed a fatal error when opc tracking category pairing was used (at virtuemart category view)

Apr 11 2017
Change Log
- fixed customfields display on VM3.2.1
- major update of GTM and Adwords tracking
- major update to product tabs plugin (now supports most sold, related, reviews and many more tabs at the product details)
- fixed 3 column ship to address problem (2 checkboxes)
- many updates to product XML feed generation (better CLI/CRON support)
- added order export feature for MRP accounting system (czech+slovak)
- updated error message handling if payment redirects after the order creation ( and paypal), message will get hidden after 10 seconds automaticaly

Mar 02 2017
Change Log
- fixed error message if captcha is used (it hid too fast)

Feb 28 2017
Change Log
- fixed a multilanguage issue at the backend
- new error and notice handling in OPC
- new forensic plugin added for investigating spam registrations via any component on your site
- fixed other minor OPC issues (html validity at the backend)

Feb 01 2017
Change Log
- HTML5 fields with validation (now OPC supports transformation of VM fields into HTML5 fields such as TEL, RANGE or others per your config)
- minor updates to checkbox and gift products
- fixed minor OPC bugs (javascript error when using single tax mode)
- added support for paypal hosted ssc at the cart page after clicking confirm button

Jan 17 2017
Change Log
- added php7.1 compatiblity
- fixed language string problems on VM3.0.18.9+ (VM DEV builds)

Jan 12 2017
Change Log
- fixed opcregistration notice during clean installation of OPC
- fixed uninstall issues (removed dependant plugins)

Jan 10 2017
Change Log
- added retargeting code for cart, product and category view (order tracking was already included in previous versions)
- adjusted sklik tracking - seznam retargeting is now optional

Jan 09 2017
Change Log
- fixed potential language issues on dev versions of Virtuemart 3.0.18.X

Dec 22 2016
Change Log
- OPC Chrismast Edition (added a new feature to provide gifts to your customers during the purchase, example: they can choose a TShirt which they would like to get)
- minor bug fixes at OPC backend
- added notification of the OPC updates via Joomla updater (the installation via update will be available soon, but currently only the notification is set up)

Nov 25 2016
Change Log
- fixed a potential "payment not set" error in previous 2 versions of OPC

Nov 24 2016
Change Log
- small CSS changes in black/clean_simple2/sandwitch themes
- fixed logged in user's address (it was not casted to shipping methods properly in some cases)
- fixed registration redirect in opc (opc now does a real redirect instead of just displaying the VM registration)
- adjusted the plugin hangling queries per core VM

Nov 15 2016
Change Log
- fixed default country per joomla language

Nov 10 2016
Change Log
- fixed missing email in OPC registration page on previous opc version
- another address handling tweaks (so that the state of the addresses are perfectly preserved upon navigation)
- fixed address fields values escaping issue

Nov 04 2016
Change Log
- major update in address handling of logged in customers (fixed a few bugs that could alter the customer address without user consent)
- new features added - CLI order creation (you can create new orders with a single line from CRON job)
- updated benchmark plugin for j3.6.4 (getComponents fatal error)
- acymailing pro custom fields support (now they can be paired with VM fields)
- payment filters: payment methods can be filtered per categories or products
- major update to Ulozenka plugin
- removed awo fix plugin: this version is fully compatible with awo coupns 2.5.2 and latest VM3.0.18.1, this version was also tested on J2.5.28 and VM2.6.X

Sep 30 2016
Change Log
- minor fixes for awo coupon support
- minor fixes in opc core

Sep 07 2016
Change Log
- awo coupon update for Canada bill tax calculation
- moss plugin update to display home country name for all EUVAT type calculation (instead of customer country name)
- updates in address handling (bt/st/rd) and more robust third address support and features
- minor updates in GTM tracking

Aug 10 2016
Change Log
- fixed an issue with OPC export when it was not possible to visit category edit backend in Virtuemart while OPC export feature was disabled (only related to opc 2.0.316)
- fixed update issue on opc black theme
- added non-cachable suffix to all OPC css and js loaded when OPC debug is enabled

Aug 04 2016
Change Log
- fixed ajax seach pro component part to be able to display products on VM3.0.17.4 and later (there is a core change in the template system in latest VM)
- fixed product export feeds to be fully compatible with php7 and added a documentation to our site with a video guide

Jul 27 2016
Change Log
- updated Google Tag Manager - now supports products impressions and custom impressions, our ajax search impressions
- added a complete management of 3rd address (installation address) and further options for ST handling (it's possible to force OPC to store ST record in order tables all the time even when ST is the same as BT)
- added new plugin within OPC Extensions to display Tabs at product details page which can be configured within the backend Product management page

Jun 20 2016
Change Log
- quantity drop down feature - if a product got a quantity steps configured,OPC will show drop down for quantity input
- updated ajax search with a new backend style and new query logic
- fixed a potential issue with the build in EU VAT checker
- other minor fixes and performance updates when used with Awo coupons

May 24 2016
Change Log
- fixed a potential problem with opc tracking systems when visiting product page

May 23 2016
Change Log
- order creation performance update (see forum), this update speeds up the order creation up to 1000x
- cartstack tracking complete api support for abandoned carts
- better VM3.0.16 support (disables VM cache upon each internal order process which may cause problems otherwise)
- this version of OPC adds multiple indexes to your database which speeds up your shop generally
- order reuse fix - by default VM core feature of order reuse is broken and OPC uses a far more sophisticated way to do order reuse if enabled in OPC configuration

May 17 2016
Change Log
- updated create table statements for both mysql 5.7 and earlier mysql versions

May 13 2016
Change Log
- updated jtouch template for both joomla 2.5 and joomla 3.5.1
- further updates to Ajax Search component

May 10 2016
Change Log
- updated shopfunctionsf.php (invalid email error) (in OPC2.0.308 version they got overwritten by original vm3.0.18 file), now the installer includes support for all VM versions at once and the VMEE support as well

May 07 2016
Change Log
- updated shopfunctionsf for vmee support
- fixed awo shipping coupon issue on latest VM
- added a new experimental plugin - field toggler
- added a new experimental feature - one or the other required field

Apr 22 2016
Change Log
- fixed a potential username change upon virtuemart user page details. the username if not rendered by VM was changed by OPC to the user's email address
- fixed a javascript issue in google tag manager
- added notice about shopfunctionsf on joomla 3.5.1 and automatic installation on request
- added kelkoo order tracking plugin
- added a better handling of required business fields and updated business logic (now the business fields do not need to be shown for logged in visitor-only customers)

Apr 20 2016
Change Log
- OPC product export for Polish price comparing company (
- adjusted code for image thumbnails creation which now can work as a standalone library for VM code substitution
- added an installable shopfunctionsf.php for VM3.0.14 and prior versions (not required on VM3.0.16)
- updated compatibility for country/state listings for VM3.0.16 and 3.0.14

Apr 01 2016
Change Log
- fixed opc registration override on some joomla installations
- further updates to flatastic opc theme on flatastic joomla template

Mar 09 2016
Change Log
- fixed opc currency backend config and a bug within the opc currency plugin
- opc extensions: added a new benchmark plugin for joomla 3.x to debug site speed (only for development sites)
- amazon payment plugin fixes
- opc new feature: 3rd address within the cart (can be used for installation address)
- opc extensions: adjusted ulozenka plugin
- opc extensions: fixed range shipping installer and configuration
- minor fixes to OPC (display of the error messages after invalid checkout attempt)

Feb 12 2016
Change Log
- major update for opc extensions:
-- added a new calculation plugin tested on vm2.0.10 to vm3.0.13 MOSS and EU VAT Calculation for Virtuemart
-- updated ajax search pro - added more options to search for category names and manufacturer
-- simplecdn plugin to rewrite your static addresses into cdn domain
-- updated eWay plugin for VM3 compatiblity
-- plugin update
-- shipping plugin that can create your shipping labels
-- plugin
-- system logo plugin that is capable of altering background of a class element per detected URL

- OPC:
-- support for modules at OPC positions (opc now includes a joomla template xml file that will create module positions to which they can be associated from each module)
-- redesigned tracking backend and adjusted code for adwords tracking (now includes currency)
-- xml export now supports test mode and new update for and google feed
-- fixed fatal error within OPC order manager on VM2
-- better dynamic tax display from vm2.0.10 (especially for VatTax)
-- minor fixes and compatiblity with upcoming VM3.1 (this release was mainly developed on VM3.0.13)
-- product cart links can be disabled now
-- better support for hidden fields in checkout

This version was repatably tested on vm3.0.13, vm2.6.27, vm2.0.10, vm3.1-alpha

Nov 14 2015
Change Log
- ajax search pro compatiblity update for vm3.0.12 (JPaginationObject error)
- article selector fix in OPC backend
- better malformatted json handling in opc js (symptoms: totals dont load)
- new wrappers added to payment and shipping, so you can use selected class (works per VM plugin ID)
- major update to OPC PDF functionality (now OPC is capable of exporting labels or invoices from XLS or ODS files)
- minor fixes in zasilkovna and ulozenka shipping methods
- further enhancements in google feed xml and heureka exports
- other minor fixes in CSS (flatastic)

Oct 23 2015
Change Log
- added support for attributes inside the cart on J3 and VM3 (standard products supported yet)
- added new notices to OPC backend if config inconsitency is detected (cart fields or some 3rd party plugins)
- updated all xml export feeds (google, heureka, zbozi)

Oct 05 2015
Change Log
- added vmcache PRO plugin into OPC installer
- updated opcads plugin to support Joomla 3
- updated and product export

Oct 01 2015
Change Log
- updated special multicurrency support

Oct 01 2015
Change Log
- fixed Geolocator default country within checkout (did not work on Joomla 3)
- fixed some uninstall issues with OPC
- added full ajax mode for clean_simple themes (can be switched with Ajaxify Cart option in the backend)
- other minor fixes
- removed error codes when a payment or shipping fails (they now display only if a debug option is enabled)

Sep 09 2015
Change Log
- major update in opc numbering feature (now invoice and order numbers can be shared) and the next autoincrement value can be changed
- fixed: opc_shipping_last might had caused blank screens even at the backend
- fixed: opc_currency plugin in some cases didn't work as expected, it's important to keep currency plugin as one of the very first ordered plugins
- other small fixes

Aug 19 2015
Change Log
- fixed shopper group possible blank screen
- fixed opc registration override blank screen
- added new plugins to support more options with multi currency
- added new option to support multicurrency payment (so you can accept more currencies with a single paypal method or similar)
- adjusted prefix and suffix for Google Tag Manager remarketing product impression (and other) tags
- adjusted OPC javascript to support theme that require javascript refresh event (uikit/jquery mobile/other), a new OPC events added to support hiding/showing state field if no/some states are available per country

Jul 24 2015
Change Log
- re-added Alatak USPS compatiblity and Istraxx UPS compatiblity for multishipment methods
- fixed calculation caching, awo coupon and shipping issues on VM3.0.10 by automatic core modification from opc (described at the forum)
- updated zasilkovna shipping method for VM3

Jul 15 2015
Change Log
- major update for OPC EU VAT checker and other shopper group related functionality
- added further compatibility code for upcoming VM3.0.10
- fixed some minor backend styling issues on VM3 and Joomla2.5

Jun 16 2015
Change Log
- added a support for delimiters (when available and enabled at theme config)
- added a registration theme for clean_simple2
- fixed UPS and other advanced shipping method's support

Jun 04 2015
Change Log
- updated opc registration templates - sandwitch theme
- fixed cart fields saving within vm3

Jun 02 2015
Change Log
- fixed an issue with shipping select drop down
- fixed shopper group handling (business vs visitor logic)

May 29 2015
Change Log
- better responsiveness of opc themes (updated css on many themes)
- updated plugin for opc
- fixed a possible problem with opc numbering
- it's recommended to update opc extensions (plugins) from opc extensions tab after an update

May 27 2015
Change Log
- fixed an issue on Virtuemart2 with country and state fields for logged in users (it got resetted to default country without a state selected)

May 27 2015
Change Log
- fixed a tax display (dynamic lines) for multiple quantities of products int he cart
- fixed awo gift coupon calculation on vm3
- new feature: currency per joomla language
- better responsiveness of the opc themes (updated css)
- order numbering code updated
- advanced feature for opc utilities (creation of child products from bulk import of products)
- minor fixes in opc tracking + new opc tracking added

Apr 10 2015
Change Log
- lot's of minor fixes
- an important fix for german type themes
- a new feature with summary of the order after the confirm button is clicked
- better field handling and validation within checkout

Mar 12 2015
Change Log
- major feature update for OPC
- new theme added: sandwitch_german with new controls for quantity
- added shopper field dependance - a checkbox/drop down/radio within shopper fields can reveal or hide other fields
- added "checkbox products" so you can collect donations for charity or use it for add-ons products
- added more options for datepicker - it can now save a value into another VM shopper field so it displays within the emails
- fixed a few issues with three column theme and a logged in user
- other minor fixes
- added new Ajax Search Pro into OPC installer (now supports joomla 3 as well) - can be installed from OPC Extensions Tab
- the installer zip requires 3.5Mb upload size support by your hosting, if you cannot install it, please use the FTP Installation guide and our new unzip utility

Feb 26 2015
Change Log
- fixed joomla 3.4 installation or upgrade issue

Feb 24 2015
Change Log
- fixed issues with both BT and ST address in OPC2.0.282 (all VM versions)
- restricted heureka tracking to CZ and SK countries only

Feb 21 2015
Change Log
- major compatibility fix for virtuemart 3.0.6 (shipping miscalculation and first_name and last_name are missing)
- if you plan to update to vm3.0.6, we strongly recommend to update OPC to this version

Feb 07 2015
Change Log
- fixed empty shipping name within order confirm emails in some circumstances
- added a new feature to track changes in payment/shipping method via google analytics (checkout visit - step 1, shippng selected - step 2, payment selected - step 3, order confirm button pressed - step 4)
- moved opc tracking scripts right after starting body tag (further modifications will be done here to move javascript to head section to comply with webmaster tools and GTM)

Jan 27 2015
Change Log
- fixed google advanced ecommerce for google universal analytics within opc's order tracking
- fixed coloring for products that have large quantity than available in stock
- fixed a possible fatal error on php5.3 (Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency)

Jan 23 2015
Change Log
- added new stock handling features
- fixed a few address related problems
- fixed a blank screen at the Utils section
- fixed a possible problem with EU Vat Chcker (Error 500 in Ajax context)
- added support for multilanguage/multidomain google tag manager

Jan 20 2015
Change Log
- fixed a possible error on php5.3

Jan 19 2015
Change Log
- feature update for tracking (added google tag manager tracking for product, cart and order events)
- feature update for MOSS (Mini One Stop Shops)
- much more robust OPC EU VAT checker
- added OPC Extensions which can be directly installed from OPC Component
- OPC Tracking is now independent of OPC Checkout (it's separated into independent plugins)
- a few minor fixes (CSS, three column's shipping address of logged in users)
- a bug fix for VM3 on J2.5 (a few extensions didn't load their parameters properly when used with OPC)

Dec 12 2014
Change Log
- fixed a possible shipping address problem of logged in users (pls report issues at our email if you find any) - the address may not have been properly recognized by shipping methods especially if the bill to address was the only one used
- added Google adwrods remarketing code with google tags
- fixed auto currency issue - user cannot change currency once feature was enabled

Dec 02 2014
Change Log
- another small fix for chosen scripts used in the backend opc configuration on joomla 3.x

Dec 02 2014
Change Log
- fixed a payment redirect loop for credit card payments on VM3.0.0+
- fixed "add more..." links from OPC backend on Joomla 3.x

Nov 29 2014
Change Log
- fixed a possible syntax error on php5.3 when registering a new user over opc's checkout
- added product's attributes display for VM3

Nov 27 2014
Change Log
- fixed OPC Tracking -> it didn't execute on some configurations. It's recommended to re-save OPC Tracking config after the update
- removed any backend, admin section, opc template overrides if found (they usually cause configuraiton malfunction)

Nov 26 2014
Change Log
- fixed payment html display issue

Nov 26 2014
Change Log
- fixed a possible fatal error on some installations
- added a better support for swiss rounding
- fixed missing javascripts for datepicker on virtuemart 3.0.0

Nov 25 2014
Change Log
- removed jquery-ui script to support mini version under 2mb
- added a new major feature - Admin Shopper Add -> now administrators can create new shoppers regardless of the registration set up in joomla or virtuemart, you can create s joomla menu special link to create the user

Nov 25 2014
Change Log
- various css fixes
- added a new major feature - delivery date picker
- fixed php5.3 minor issues
- added a better management for pairing categories with 3rd party providers (google base, heureka, beslist)
- fixed no shipping section at sandwitch themes

Oct 27 2014
Change Log
- fixed "a" at the bottom of the checkout

Oct 27 2014
Change Log
- added an option for utm_nooverride so it doesn't break some of the payment methods which do it's own output validation (the feature is disabled by default now, we suggest to enable it for paypal standard)

Oct 24 2014
Change Log
- fixed a possible chosen.js issue on the site

Oct 23 2014
Change Log
- fixed a possible double order problem on Internet Explorer (occured in opc 259 to 261)

Oct 23 2014
Change Log
- fixed warning on php5.3 from opc's system plugin plgSystemOpc::fatal_error
- fixed a possible error 500 after opc installation and a quick click on "click here to configure"

Oct 21 2014
Change Log
- added facebook tracking code
- fixed compatibility with vm2.9.9F and 2.9.9G on both j2.5 and j3.5
- added a new feature to detect blank pages anywhere on your site
- fixed calculation problem when customer initialized shipping was used
- more robust javascript that works on broken jquery sites

Oct 20 2014
Change Log
- fixed many address related problems
- fixed many vm3 compatiblity issues
- added new per theme configurator
- added new opc tracking features (ebay tracking, adwords pixel tracking)

Sep 18 2014
Change Log
- major bug fix for vm2.6.10 and vm2.9.9b
- fixes possible white screens during checkout
- fixes calculation problems when used with realex plugin
- fixes lot's of 3rd party compatibility problems

Sep 10 2014
Change Log
- fixed email rendering on three column theme
- added pickpackpontonline compatibility (hungarian shipping method)

Sep 02 2014
Change Log
- fixed joomla 3 shipping calculation problem
- fixed joomla 2.5 language problems on some installations
- small fixes in clean_simple2 css
- small fix on pbv standard payment theme override

Aug 29 2014
Change Log
- fixed possible issues when doing a clean opc installation and system debug plugin is enabled

Aug 28 2014
Change Log
- added an option to disable opc config javascript cache file
- removed php loader of opc config
- fixed clean_simple2 css

Aug 25 2014
Change Log
- new jtouch jquery mobile theme
- all itemid or article configuration are now fully multilanguage (thank you page, itemid at checkout, itemid at thank you page, and much more)
- updated opc xml and tracking views and functionality
- updated joomla3 compatibility issues
- new major feature - auto currency per detected geo IP address

Jul 28 2014
Change Log
- added a full compatiblity for joomla 3 and virtuemart 3 (2.9.x now)

Jul 28 2014
Change Log
- added a payment html override system (will be described at the forum)
- added an option for a separate mobile theme
- added support for thousands of shipping addresses per customer (they are now loaded with ajax with a search box if more then 10 are found)

Jun 24 2014
Change Log
- fixed a possible fatal error on virtuemart version other then 2.6.x when no shipping was available
- fixed a possible email saving issue within the order details
- fixed a possible registration issues (user did not get registered and logged in)
- removed user session clearing code after the purchase (we will add an option for this within opc)
- added another simplified version of opc theme - clean_simple2 which is under review and testing now
- fixed a possible issues within GA tracking code when order format id is not default
- removed default VM character length limits on input fields

Jun 22 2014
Change Log
- major update for the google ecommerce analytics tracking:
-- new univesal analytics support
-- url and page title override
-- purchase event tracking
- fixed a possible IE8 issue in onepage.js (console not defined)

Jun 13 2014
Change Log
- added many fixes into css expecially in matters of responsivness on various verions of bootstrap
- fixed a possible issue of unlogging customer during checkout's registration
- added better order to user ID pairing system
- fixed shopper group issues for logged in customers (in v.247)
- added direct video tutorials from many opc features (we will be adding even more)
- added a new feature - negative order tracking which can be used to unregister a sale from google analytics
- added acymailing checkbox theme file to all of the themes (renders at italian checkbox position)

Jun 04 2014
Change Log
- fixed possible white screen on thank you page

Jun 04 2014
Change Log
- readded compatibility for Istraxx EU VAT checker
- fixed a tracking issue with Google Ecommerce Analytics
- fixed a possible incompatibility with Artio SEF
- fixed IE8 issue when using optional registration with create account checkbox within list_userfields.tpl.php file on all themes (added also an auto-fix from opc core files)
- readded Joomla 3.x and Joomla 1.5 compatiblity (this version can be installed on Joomla 3, but Joomla 3 and Virtuemart 3 support is only in beta stage)

May 13 2014
Change Log
- fixed google adwords tracking code which was set to for remarketing only
- fixed ordering of email2 and email within bill to userfields

May 13 2014
Change Log
- added bandbox german theme certified for german use
- added new affiliate tracking codes for iDev Affiliate and

May 09 2014
Change Log
- fixed email ordering issue
- fixed anonymous shopper group that was assigned to all registered users
- fixed Address 1 for display name field
- updated CSS on some of the themes

May 02 2014
Change Log
- fixed an issue with backend language files, they didn't load in some occurances

Apr 26 2014
Change Log
- fixed an issue with opc tracking plugin when opc system plugin was disabled
- fixed a virtuemart issue when a new user gets registered, but not logged in during the checkout, his orders are now paired to his user account
- fixed a few CSS issues
- OPC now includes these administrator language packs (English, Slovak, German, Greek, Spanish, Estonian, Dutch, Russian, Turkish)
- frontend runs on all languages as it's using primarily Virtuemart language pack

Apr 09 2014
Change Log
- fixed a fatal error when using shopper group functionality with opc

Apr 08 2014
Change Log
- fixed double pathway issue at the thank you page

Apr 08 2014
Change Log
- added a new major feature (article at the thank you page per your payment plugin and order status)
- fixed an issue (blank screen, fatal error) when using a payment plugin with no configuration (awocoupon payment plugin)

Apr 04 2014
Change Log
- fixed an issue with account activation on some installations (on latest joomla and sef enabled)
- fixed a possible backend fatal error when no shopper fields are available

Apr 02 2014
Change Log
- added 3rd party compatilibility for Buckaroo payment (NL)
- added 3rd party compatiblity for Vm2Finalize extension (caused blank screen)
- added 3rd party compatiblity fix for BIT VAT Checker (shopper groups were incorrectly set)
- added OPC Core VAT checker for both checkout and registration page
- added new plugin to OPC - registration page override (opc can now be used at registration page as well)
- added new options to registration (suppress activation for checkout only)
- added compatiblity for VM2.6.x (unstable) and VM2.0.2 (old)
- this version runs best on joomla2.5.19 and was not tested on joomla3.2.3
- added a new major feature - professional XML export that supports huge shops with limited memory and timeouts (XML export uses export templates, it's not user created yet)

Feb 24 2014
Change Log
- fixed php fatal error on php version other then php5.5.x (opctracking)

Feb 21 2014
Change Log
- fixed an issue with opc tracking where a sql query to non existent table could have been done on multilanguage sites and when used with system-debug plugin it could cause a joomla error 500
- fixed all known issues with Klarna on VM2.0.26D, if you are using an older VM version, pls update at least klarna plugin

Feb 12 2014
Change Log
- added Joomla 3.2 support (on VM3 beta)
- error message on missing username
- added field names into the missing field popup
- added two new tracking providers ( and Musthave Affliate)
- added weight display option
- added a new dynamic tax and plugin lines display
- added two new themes (clean and icetheme for colorpicker)
- added phone orders creation - VM 2.0.22 feature where the VM administrators can create orders on behalf of customers

Feb 04 2014
Change Log
- added change log into the backend
- added support for inbuilt Paypal Express
- a new management of the registered addresses - now the address which has a missing fields
- added the field name into the required field missing alert box upon checkout
- better styling of the paypal pro

Jan 22 2014
Change Log
- added a few changes to javascript ajax handler of OPC (it's recommended to use php loader of javascript after this update that can be enabled at the first tab)
- added a new language variable for the customer when he tries to confirm the order while the ajax is being loaded
- fixed zasilkovna shipment method when used for both CZ and SK countries

Jan 21 2014
Change Log
- re-added BIT VAT checker compatibility

Jan 11 2014
Change Log
- added support for vm2.0.26D inbuilt Paypal Pro solution with direct payments

Jan 10 2014
Change Log
- updated logic for feature payment per shipping

Jan 09 2014
Change Log
- added tracking plugin
- better management of shipping and payment options - they are now saved and reselected after any ajax update, especially when used at the top cart
- due to a change in javascript it is recommended to turn on php loader for javascript files within OPC backend's first tab
- fixed zasilkovna issue of empty branch selection
- we started to migrate opc pdf system into view=orders of the OPC backend, will be available soon

Dec 31 2013
Change Log
- re-added support for older versions of virtuemart (tested on 2.0.4)
- fixed some cross dependencies when opc was disabled and opc tracking was enabled
- fixed loader image issue when it was disabled

Dec 19 2013
Change Log
- added display for percentual coupon value within the coupon name at the top and bottom cart totals

Dec 18 2013
Change Log
- fixed "An error occured" when using optional or no registration - only related to opc v.216

Dec 17 2013
Change Log
- added a special check for illegal characters in username
- double order prevention update - now supports browser arrows
- added new theme fix option in case the thank you page does not render properly

Dec 16 2013
Change Log
- fixed a potential ie9 issue "required field is missing": issue getElementsByName ('email') does not return elements only with the same name, but also others such as jform[email1]

Dec 16 2013
Change Log
- fixed a possible issue with a blank screen when using the opc tracking features

Dec 12 2013
Change Log
- fixed all shopper group manipulation functions on the latest VM releases
- fixed zasilkovna inside basket issue
- added criteo tracking method

Dec 02 2013
Change Log
- added a better prevention for double clicking order submit (especially when used with or other credit card payments)
- added more robust istraxx ups support (when payment per shipping enabled)
- added new option - Customer initialized shipping - customer must click to see the shipping rate

Nov 26 2013
Change Log
- fixed an API shipping methods issue (ups, usps, fedex) - loop in the cart and now shipping saved

Nov 26 2013
Change Log
- updated javascript to support custom themes with a submit button of type button instead of type submit

Nov 25 2013
Change Log
- updated feature "send email before payment"
- fixed a few bugs within the new tracking feature

Nov 22 2013
Change Log
- updated pbv themes to show proper total
- added the new tracking feature with various 3rd party providers (inbuilt adwords, analytics, zanox,, and others) - the new tracking will get trigered in the customer context only on confirmed order
- added new email validation and disabled chrome validation on bandbox theme

Nov 06 2013
Change Log
- fixed three column login box issue

Nov 04 2013
Change Log
- fixed a javascript issues in three column theme
- fixed a possible fatal error JPATH_VM_ADMINISTRATOR not found in overrided vmplugin.php
- removed tracking tab - we are working on vast enhancements in this area, if you need tracking do not update to this version
- added new utility feature for full text search of your site (requires large php timeout)

Oct 21 2013
Change Log
- fixed ship to address js issue on 3 column theme (since 203)
- fixed login js issue on icetheme (since 203)
- tuned many css
- added new feature: move virtuemart menu to joomla menu

Oct 14 2013
Change Log
- fixed icetheme optional registration checkbox
- opc does not load vm config when loaded from backend

Oct 11 2013
Change Log
- added new features (shipping and payment inside basket)
- fixed some css in themes
- removed _ from business fields upon saving

Oct 01 2013
Change Log
- added new feature for italian privacy checkbox
- added a load module functionality which uses the same syntax as joomla 2.5 load module
- added russian translation of the backend

Oct 01 2013
Change Log
- fixed an issue in image.php

Oct 01 2013
Change Log
- fixed an issue with business fields fuctionality
- many changes in CSS for bootstrap and we added a new RTL/LTR theme (bandBox)

Sep 27 2013
Change Log
- fixed many CSS isues within OPC
- added a new validator for the fields
- fixed payment per shipping issues
- added new theme

Sep 18 2013
Change Log
- fixed all awo coupon issues with latest vm
- added more options for second discount
- fixed a few css and opc theme's code

Sep 17 2013
Change Log
- fixed ssh save issue
- fixed IE8 compatibility issues
- added new features for auto coupons per add-to-cart as link
- added spanish and slovak translation of the backend
- fixed required state issue
- added new options for default shipping

Sep 04 2013
Change Log
- added compatiblity fix for vm2.0.22c

Sep 03 2013
Change Log
- added better support for istraxx quantity plugin (second discount in the basket now supports also billDiscountAmount)

Aug 28 2013
Change Log
- feature update (added nice color picker for selected OPC theme)
- fixed several bugs within language editor (links were not saved)
- fixed 3 column register section when empty
- added support for required business fields (selected themes only)
- added automatic RTL support for icetheme and pbv themes (now RTL css is loaded automatically when language is RTL)
- fixed VM2.0.22 bug when payemnt fee is not stored in the database
- OPC now does not depend on VM configuration and is able to alter Virtuemart configuration per OPC config and vice versa

Aug 21 2013
Change Log
- fixed product unit price display when using istraxx quantity plugin
- fixed possible calculation issues with fedex multibox

Aug 11 2013
Change Log
- fixed a potential issue when using no registraton (required field missing)

Aug 08 2013
Change Log
- renamed an OPC javascript function to support rsmail.js
- added new feature (do not save custom rendered fields such as social security number) - made for klarna
- fixed a few issues when having email in BT and ajax email check enabled

Aug 08 2013
Change Log
- fixed a potential issue (Fatal error: Cannot break/continue 1 level) on some server configurations
- fixed refreshing of totals on german pbv theme

Aug 06 2013
Change Log
- fixed a potential issue when using "Enable Automatic Selected Shipment", a fatal error within OPCs plugin

Aug 06 2013
Change Log
- fixed USPS international shipping - shipping not added - on servers which internal encoding does not default to UTF8

Aug 05 2013
Change Log
- fixed a notice for new registration: Hacking attempt loading userinfo, you got logged

Aug 05 2013
Change Log
- added support for the very latest Istraxx UPS version (2.0.6_2.06)

Aug 02 2013
Change Log
- updated OPC for the latest USPS plugin
- added new type of shiping caching
- with the latest USPS and UPS versions, the OPC will be about 20x faster in getting and calculating rates

Jul 31 2013
Change Log
- fixed a potential issue - email is missing when no registration fields were shown (email, username, pwd, etc..)
- fixed potential issue "class VirtuemartModelCountry" already defined

Jul 25 2013
Change Log
- fixed an installer upgrade issue (blank screen) if any of the permissions are broken
- fixed styling of the selects if the theme javascript modifies it at the checkout

Jul 24 2013
Change Log
- fixed paypal redirect issues when using hebrew or similar encoding

Jul 23 2013
Change Log
- added reCaptcha support for OPC (now both reCaptcha and keyCaptcha are supported for unlogged and/or logged customers)

Jul 18 2013
Change Log
- fixed the language issue with the vm2.0.22 new language files (now both legacy language files are supported together with the new language files)
- fixed email before payment option on virtuemart 2.0.22
- fixed OPC cache issue (now it caches UPS and USPS very well per cart and per country and zip)

Jul 17 2013
Change Log
- fixed language issues on vm2.0.22 when your language files are not yet updated
- fixed an issue with shopper group per joomla language

Jul 12 2013
Change Log
- fixed a shipping issue on the first load of opc on vm2.0.22

Jul 10 2013
Change Log
- updated german pbv theme

Jul 10 2013
Change Log
- added new feature: payment and shipping in select drop down
- added caching for shipping modules (calculation and display), this feature is experimental right now
- added a calculation reset which corrects issues in some mini cart modules
- added support for german law requirements (basket above confirm button)

Jun 25 2013
Change Log
- added support for Klarna payment in Germany

Jun 24 2013
Change Log
- fixed coupon recalculation issue over ajax

Jun 24 2013
Change Log
- added support for placeholders for old browsers (IE8) and validation of Joomla 1.5
- added new feature: check already existing email and disallow checkout over ajax
- fixed OPC default shipping and default payment as far as VM automatic payment and automatic shipment is disabled
- fixed activation link once user activation is used
- fixed other minor issues

Jun 13 2013
Change Log
- fixed unclosed span within registration form
- fixed a shipping address issue in vm2.0.14
- added new feature: disallow checkout once the username already exists
- shows coupon code within the totals
- fixed google chrome autocomplete issues (username and password was pre filled)
- changed pbv_multi into placeholders (an IE8 compatiblity mod will be released in the next update)
- fixed thumbnail generation for the cart images

Jun 06 2013
Change Log
- fixed a bug in opc where the shipto address of logged in users may have not get updated or added in vm user table (it was only properly shown at order details)

Jun 06 2013
Change Log
- released 2 new responsive themes (they were not included in last releases by accident)

Jun 04 2013
Change Log
- fixed a div issue in sandwitch default theme
- added recalculation to the order processor in case your totals are not equal at the checkout and after confirming the order (opc clears virtuemart's internal cache)

May 30 2013
Change Log
- added support for Greek shiping plugin ACS
- fixed a few minor issues
- added new responsive themes based on sandwitch and icetheme and new CSS
- added new features: check for email over ajax, check for username over ajax
- fixed tracking iframe issue

Apr 24 2013
Change Log
- fixed redirect to virtuemart registration (now login,remind and reset password works)

Apr 24 2013
Change Log
- fixed styling on sandwitch theme: username, no shipping when shipping is disabled
- fixed issues with payment's opc token

Apr 16 2013
Change Log
- fixed an issue of joomla registered users with no virtuemart account who got "Invalid Token, while trying to save user". We've recently moved token to the ajax so OPC works as well when using browser arrows.

Apr 15 2013
Change Log
- fixed a display of login section when user is logged in joomla but has no data in virtuemart

Apr 12 2013
Change Log
- fixed an issue with "payment per shipping" in last few versions - it did not update totals in the cart

Apr 11 2013
Change Log
- fixed an installer issue where it overwrote the configuration
- fixed a tax per user field when using EU vat plugin or other plugins changing tax per user fields

Apr 10 2013
Change Log
- fixed an issue of the default address for logged in user on a unspecific configuration of VM

Apr 08 2013
Change Log
- added multiple tax display for US states such as Georgia
- added support for istraxx vm eu vat validation plugin (tested on three column)
- added a few backend options (disable ajax for coupons, single or multiple tax display)
- added a failsafe javascript code to shipping ajax loader due to error 500 (if a php or cgi timeout occurs - when api servers are busy or similar)

Apr 04 2013
Change Log
- fixed coupon dicount display issue when properly configured in BE
- fixed strange cart behavior when having too many ajax requests on page (ajax cart which uses view=cart to get it's contents) - this fix is also a speed improvement

Mar 27 2013
Change Log
- fixed an issue "no shipping shown" at the checkout from OPC 2.0.122 when having a zero weight product (the feature was always considered enabled)

Mar 26 2013
Change Log
- fixed possible white screen (error) at the backend

Mar 23 2013
Change Log
- fixed issues with not showing country for logged in customers
- fixed currency calculation issues when having multi currency shop
- added new beta features:
-- shopper group per IP country address
-- shopper group per joomla language
-- digital products support - zero weight products do not render shipping when enabled
-- added support for k2 user plugin with recaptcha

Mar 04 2013
Change Log
- fixed an issue within vmplugin overrided class which could have caused prices malfunction or multi plugin malfunction (fedex multibox, istraxx quantity plugin)

Mar 01 2013
Change Log
- fixed password2 issues on sandwitch theme, please save configuration after update

Feb 28 2013
Change Log
- fixed the custom rendering fields

Feb 28 2013
Change Log
- fixed a possible issue with javascript on firefox
- added itemid to login return url, so the itemid is not lost after login from checkout

Feb 27 2013
Change Log
- new feature - add order details information for the thank you page (uses your styling)
- new feature - custom rendered fields will not show at checkout at all and can be created within OPC themes manually and thus they will be saved only within order details and shown for both logged in and logged out customers
- new feature - redirect joomla registration to virtuemart registration (you can safely disable other plugins that do this for you)
- fixed customer note for the sandwitch theme
- fixed a logout issue after checkout for a unspecific configuration of joomla/vm/opc/sef
- logged in users now see titles of the multiselect/select/checkbox shopper fields instead of it's values
- fixed continue shopping issue when it was disabled but still shown

Feb 13 2013
Change Log
- fixed a three_columns's issue with register account checkbox (add one line to list_user_fields.tpl.php)
- fixed an issue in latest releases (111+) where the registration of user with checkout did not work

Feb 12 2013
Change Log
- re-added backward compatibility down to virtuemart 2.0.0

Feb 08 2013
Change Log
- fixed an issue within registration link

Feb 08 2013
Change Log
- fixed an issue in the backend (Configuration was not saved, or Log in as administrator)
- removed input type="hidden" name="page" value="checkout.onepage" from all of the themes to support compatiblity with "Virtuemart redirect plugin" - vm1_vm2_links_redirect which caused a blank screen after confirming the order

Feb 07 2013
Change Log
- added compatiblity with keyCaptcha plugin (a really good captcha)
- fixed image dimensions when using 0 width or height in basket thumbnails
- fixed a few css issues in the themes
- added more options when having zero total (no payment triggered, order status configured via backend)

Jan 22 2013
Change Log
- fixed a fatal error when editing products from frontend

Jan 22 2013
Change Log
- added new feature - send vendor email before processing payment
- OPC now supports zero sum (billTotal) orders when using coupons. The payment will not be triggered.

Jan 18 2013
Change Log
- fixed a missing product subtotals in the cart on some installations (vm2.0.15+) when calculation was triggered before OPC loaded
- fixed awo coupon positive and negative message at once

Jan 11 2013
Change Log
- fixed IE8 issue on sandwitch theme
- added color variation to sandwitch theme (in the next releases we will add a sophisticated color picker for all themes)
- added autocomplete check for three column theme and all three columns are now automatically resized
- fixed a few internal compatibility issues
- fixed state validation

Dec 12 2012
Change Log
- fixed a fatal error on joomla 1.5 (related to cache)
- added compatiblity for VM2.0.15x (product_price not defined)
- fixed UTF8 language issues in javascript popups

Dec 05 2012
Change Log
- fixed basePrice dislay for shipping and payment
- added an option to disable extra product information which may cause infinite loop when using with some 3rd party custom field plugins
- fixed language strings in sandwith theme

Nov 29 2012
Change Log
- added support for VM 2.0.14 and future VM 2.2.x

Nov 27 2012
Change Log
- added support for Fedex Multibox (fedex_multibox)
- added support for Klarna especialy for SE and NO implementations

Nov 14 2012
Change Log
- fixed a potential fatal error in the shipping due to fedex implementation

Nov 13 2012
Change Log
- added fedex (jcfedex) support, OPC2 now supports all major shipping API providers (UPS, USPS, Canada Post and Fedex). It is recommended to use "delayed" feature for these methods. We will be optimalizing the speed of these plugins in the next stage.

Nov 07 2012
Change Log
- fixed "edit shipping address for unlogged" issue on most of the themes

Nov 07 2012
Change Log
- added full support for canada post - cpsolvm2
- moved sandwitch language variables to the language file

Nov 06 2012
Change Log
- added new feature: disable a payment method per selected shipping method (with a search of shipping's text)
- shopper group management per visitor/business in sandwitch theme

Nov 04 2012
Change Log
- major remake of editing of billing and shiping addresses for logged in users, now opc does not redirect to the default edit BT or ST pages of Virtuemart
- added new OPC theme
- tested on 2.0.8, 2.0.12f and latest SVN
- fixed few other minor bugs

Oct 20 2012
Change Log
- fixed state listing issue outside OPC when editing address as logged in user

Oct 20 2012
Change Log
- shipping address is now the same as billing address when no shipping address is used

Oct 18 2012
Change Log
- fixed a tax issue related to wrong detection of the address over ajax
- moved payment section under customer information in all logged in themes as the payment section updates on address change

Oct 16 2012
Change Log
- fixed a few shipping address related issues

Oct 15 2012
Change Log
- removed a few debugging lines from javascript files in v.89 for better compatiblity with IE

Oct 15 2012
Change Log
- added -- select -- for all countries which include states as default option
- fixed the default state listing for BT and ST

Oct 15 2012
Change Log
- fixed hiding of password fields when account registration is not checked by default

Oct 02 2012
Change Log
- added many new features:
-- hide payment if only one available
-- custom rendering of country, state, first name etc fields
-- custom validation of shipping fields
-- new API for separation of business/visitor logic (can be used for invoice/no invoice) registration

Sep 21 2012
Change Log
- fixed possible "Fatal error: Class 'VirtueMartModelProduct' not found in /components/com_onepage/helpers/loader.php on line 742' (blank page on checkout)

Sep 19 2012
Change Log
- added support for manufacturer name and other product information within the top basket

Sep 07 2012
Change Log
- fixed an issue with Authorize.NET SIM redirect which showed "-->" blank page
- fixed continue link in basket.html.php
- fixed Email2 to be always under Email
- a few internal changes related to shipping address

Aug 20 2012
Change Log
- fixed an issue with "Missing value for..." when editing BT address

Aug 20 2012
Change Log
- fixed a possible checkout malfunction for logged in users under IE7 and IE8. The bug is related to mootools and jquery combination on your site.

Aug 01 2012
Change Log
- fixed an issue with totals (tax, coupon, etc) not updating when no shipping was used

Jul 26 2012
Change Log
- orders made with the duplicit email feature are now paired to the customer with the already existing email and can be seen after logging into the frontend

Jul 25 2012
Change Log
- fixed: Warning: Missing argument 2 for

Jul 24 2012
Change Log
- added ordering support for listing of payment methods

Jul 24 2012
Change Log
- fixed an issue with state listing in ship to section

Jul 18 2012
Change Log
- fixed Fatal error: Call to undefined method OPCloader::displayProductCustomfieldFE when using add-to-cart link feature

Jul 18 2012
Change Log
- fixed a few bugs in the language editor, now it is possible to edit individual strings of already existing language files
- added support for SHIPMENT FOR VIRTUAL PRODUCTS for both when using a direct link to the cart of a normal add-to-cart

Jul 16 2012
Change Log
- added support for TOS on latest SVN versions of Virtuemart

Jul 11 2012
Change Log
- fixed missing country and state for logged in users (in 2.0.67 and 2.0.68)
- fixed a few css issues on new theme

Jul 11 2012
Change Log
- updated installer as the 2.0.68 did not include the new theme and the tracker files

Jul 10 2012
Change Log
- added google ecommerce tracking feature
- added google adwords (and other compaign providers) tracking feature
- added a new feature: execute a CURL call at checkout
- added new theme (pbv_theme from OPC1)
- added backward compatiblity for VM2.0.0
- added more compatiblity for VM2.0.8 from SVN

Jul 03 2012
Change Log
- added compatiblity for Virtuemart 2.0.8 (fixed notices on missing fields, added validation on email address)
- fixed a silent fatal error when thumb directory was not writable (white screen with basket titles)

Jun 19 2012
Change Log
- added direct link to the cart feature with several variants
- fixed a few issues with icetheme CSS

Jun 12 2012
Change Log
- added new feature: hide display name in registration
- added new feature: status of registration checkbox in optional registration (can be checked or unchecked)
- added compatibility for 2.0.7 virtuemart beta versions
- moved Guest Checkout and Show Login texts to the editable language file
- fixed a few CSS issues
- added new feature: Hide top basket

Jun 08 2012
Change Log
- added a new mechanism to prevent double clicking on submit order which may cause double orders (within the core javascript file)
- added a sophisticated language editor which can elso help you translate other parts of joomla or virtuemart
- fixed a login bug on joomla 1.5 on some systems

May 23 2012
Change Log
- fixed a 3rd party plugin compatibility issue when the plugin outputted a string before opc plugin was loaded, did not show the shipping

May 18 2012
Change Log
- added many new features: now supports custom radio at the checkokout, date and editor area and all known custom fields
- TOS configuration now includes option to show or hide tos according to the login status of the customer, the tos checkbox can be disabled from the backend, tos can point to an article including content plugin support instead of the shop default TOS
- added US tax mode support which disables taxes untill vendor's state is selected by the customer
- new feature: article above basket
- option to show base or final price of products at checkout
- fixed several bugs within OPC and Virtuemart, let us know of any issues as we've done many changes in this release including slight template modifications

May 16 2012
Change Log
- fixed customer note not saved
- added several fixes for Virtuemart 2.0.6 bugs (vmFilter, BT address messages, fatal errors on php5.2, and more)
- fixed a joomla 1.7 to 2.5 bug within OPC described here (

May 09 2012
Change Log
- fixed several issues when using no registration at all (error 500 after submision, view not found..) - only concerned three column template
- fully tested and working feature: disable login at the checkout on icetheme template

May 08 2012
Change Log
- fixed a shipping problem when using UPS (the loading wheel did not show the shipping)

May 06 2012
Change Log
- fixed all UPS issues
- fixed https/ssl issues

May 06 2012
Change Log
- added support for optional registration type for three_column_template

May 05 2012
Change Log
- added support for UPS from (USPS is also fully supported). Let us know of any issues.

May 04 2012
Change Log
- fixed several issues regarding shipping and billing address editing for logged in users

May 02 2012
Change Log
- added support for payment per country on OPC checkout page (configurable via standard VM plugin management)

May 01 2012
Change Log
- fixed a SQL query at the backend when joomla debugging is ON

May 01 2012
Change Log
- fixed a few bugs for logged in users (address of logged in users was not properly recognized)

May 01 2012
Change Log
- changed default configuration (now shows the shipping by default)

May 01 2012
Change Log
- Fixed: Warning: Parameter 1 to ...plgVmOnSelectCheckShipment() expected to be a reference

Apr 30 2012
Change Log
- fixed several issues for logged in users in vm 204 and 205 (hacking attempt msg, missing user data in logged in template)
- enabled new features: zero price shipping, delayed shipping, default country)
- tested on vm2.0.0 and vm2.0.6 (should be compatible with all versions in between)

Apr 26 2012
Change Log
- fixed a possible fatal error at the front end by logged in users (Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /components/com_onepage/helpers/loader.php on line 87)
- fixed a possible fatal error at the backend (invalid argument supplied... default.php line 250)

Apr 26 2012
Change Log
- added alatak USPS support (too many changes in this release - please post your issues at our forum)

Apr 18 2012
Change Log
- fixed an issue when no shipping is found: totals not rounded
- fixed agreement checkbox for logged in

Apr 18 2012
Change Log
- fixing installer issues on joomla 2.5

Apr 17 2012
Change Log
- fixed a blank screen a second after displaying the checkout (a js error)

Apr 16 2012
Change Log
- fixed several issues with the icetheme template when the configurator was added

Apr 14 2012
Change Log
- marked all the backend configuration which is not working or being tested. The installer is now fixed.

Apr 14 2012
Change Log
- lots of new features added, please test carefully. if this version does not work for you, please install the previous version.
- this version was test on vm2.0.0 and 2.0.4 (stable)
- the backend configurator was added
- new template: three_column_blue was added
- some features in the backend configurator are not fully implemented and will be finished in the next release

Apr 02 2012
Change Log
- fixed a blank page with message 2 after order submission for certain type of payment plugins. if you encounter this problem, please upgrade ASAP

Mar 30 2012
Change Log
- fixed styling on coupons
- fixed IE bug with state listing

Mar 23 2012
Change Log
- fixed a possible issue on vm2.0.3e Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass

Mar 23 2012
Change Log
- fixed a password problem (it changed automatically) for new shoppers

Mar 22 2012
Change Log
- fix for updated js in vm2.0.3-unstable
- relative image path was missing the site's folder

Mar 22 2012
Change Log
- fixed an issue with state listing, payment logos (when missing from payment config), payment fee and discount view, sevaral compatiblities added (sage pay, paypalpro, etc) Compatible with vm2.0.0, but recommended for vm2.0.2+ If you are still using vm 2.0.0 we strongly recommend to update to 2.0.2 and later as there were many changes in the code.

Mar 19 2012
Change Log
- added support for thumbs at the cart
- support for more registration types (silent, no registration, optional, normal)
- tested with paypal pro
- works on both 2.0.0 (don't gives VmModel fatal error) and also 2.0.2+ (incl 2.0.3)

Mar 12 2012
Change Log
- updated OPC2 for VM2 (incl.2.0.3) Fixed several fatal errors as of new VM 2.0.3 (beta).

Mar 11 2012
Change Log
- updated XML manifest file

Mar 10 2012
Change Log
- updated version to support both virtuemart 2.0.0 and 2.0.2 + Joomla 1.5, 1.7 and 2.5. Please use our forum for bug reporting - always mention your Joomla and Virtuemart version and a type of error (installer, general malfunction - blank page, front end - unlogged, front end - logged) The configuration has not options migrated yet (will change soon).

Feb 29 2012
Change Log
- fixed several bugs within the installer
- this version considers all customers to be unlogged
- please note that all OPC2 for Virtuemart 2 are beta versions yet and we are fixing several issues currently

Feb 16 2012
Change Log
- the first version of One Page Checkout for Virtuemart 2, please don't expect as much functionality as for VM 1.1.x yet.
- there is only one theme migrated at the moment (icetheme)
- you must have at least one shipping method and one payment method configured for OPC2 to work correctly
- limiting payment methods by their country does not work yet
- javascript validation of the form is not working yet

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